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How can I retrieve Word on my iMac?

Asked by wifeysays (163points) April 5th, 2011

My USB files are all on DOC. So I am assuming I need Word on imac.

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Get Open Office for iMac. It is free and it understands .doc files. Additionally it has a “powerpoint” like application as well as a spreadsheet app.

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Also depending on how new your Mac is and if you have iWork you will be able to read a ”.doc.”

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@tropicalwillie my imac is a 27 inch LED widescreen, I hope that helps

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TextEdit will open doc files if they are simple. TextEdit comes on every Mac.

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Here is the download page for OpenOffice for iMac.

I recently shook off the yolk of the PC in favor of the iMac as well.

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@wifeysays I will guess your iMac is only a year or so old. Does it have iWork as an application?
This can be found out by opening up “Finder” and looking in the “Application” list under devices and look for a folder called “iWorks” inside “Applications.”

If you have iWorks you can use the the usb and connect to the iMac and open up the .doc files.

Or use @YoBob ‘s link to get OpenOffice do the same, connect the usb and open up the.doc file.

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no IWork application. But all these answers I know will really help when I have the time to get these documents into work.

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