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Do you have neighbors who yell at you for driving "fast" down your street?

Asked by Fallstand (1130points) April 19th, 2008

I live in a court with 18 homes and 30 some kids on my block, and for some reason my neighbors find it okay for their kids to play in the street. As I’m typing this I’m watching two 4 year olds driving their electric power wheels in the street. Anytime someone is driving into our court the Dad’s give’em the eye like they’re trying to run over their kids. A few instances they jumped in front of cars going a little fast just so they can yell at the driver.. So are the drivers wrong for doing 25–30mph? or are my neighbors just dumb letting their kids play in the street?

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As a parent, the drivers are wrong. If one of those kids gets hit, the driver will find out how wrong they are.

That is one of the reason we buy houses in nice neighborhoods; for our kids to have a safe place to play.

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My subdivision’s speed limit is 25, I think we should be able to go that, when there are no kids out, which I’m always on the look out for.

Funny story though…I had a friend over, and a neighbor finds his car in front of our house, knocks on the door and chews my friend out. I dunno how fast he was going though.

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safety first. slow your roll, kids at play.

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My view is the road is for cars…...granted they should keep to the speed-limit, but it’s made for cars. It’s not a playground….
My reaction to seeing people (kids or adults) on the road instead of the sidewalk is “oh look, they think they’re car”

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Well, a car never has the right to hit a pedestrian. Never. So, just slow down or you might find out the hard way that the law does not share your “roads are for cars” viewpoint.

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it will only take one time for the driver and the dads to understand that you shouldn’t drive fast and you shouldn’t let your kids play in the street. Just imagine what the kids will do if they go to a friends house or something and they live on a major street…

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All I’m saying is they get mad at every driver that goes by when they should have their kids in their yard and not the street

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Personally I don’t speed (well maybe on the autobahn in Germany, but that’s allowed), however, I don’t think pedestrians have the right to claim the road when it suits them. It’s a two way street, so to speak. It’s not just the drivers that need to exercise caution.

And as for my ”....think they’re car” remark, it’s my way of shaking off anger with humour when I see irresponsible behavior in traffic… be uttered in an endearing way, like “it thinks it’s people” when you see a dog walking on two legs.

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I think it’s just as irresponsible too let your four-year-olds drive electronic devices in a street, as it is to speed in a residential area with lots of kids at play. Parents & drivers alike are not going to care who is ultimately at fault when a child is seriously injured or dead.

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I know there are situations where a pedestrian getting hit when they’re in the street can be the one at fault and even be liable for the repairs to the car that hit them.

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I had a friend (died of a heart attack prematurely) who was driving at the posted speed..a 5 year old ran out from between two parked cars and my friend killed her. He was never charged but still. No one connected to the incident was ever the same.

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Question – why ARE these parents opting for playtime in the street instead of the yard? Is it the neigborhood norm or just a particular family? Either way, it’s not smart, but just wondering… To my knowledge, a Power Wheels will also run in the grass!!

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Drivers wrong for doing 25–30mph in a Court where they know 30 kids live. Your neighbors are irresponsible for letting their kids, especially the 4 year olds play in the street.

A lot of people look for Court’s to live in. Thinking this will increase the safety of their children. Kids have always played in the streets and they probably always will. This does not make playing in the streets right. Allowing 4 year olds to play in the street even supervised is insane.

A better solution is to work towards improving neighbor relations. We had a situation occur years ago where someone always raced through the streets reducing the safety of the neighborhood. Then someone foolish individual, frustrated with the situation, took it on their own to solve it by shooting the offender.

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have speed bumps installed….,,

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Slow down and deal with it. Your life will suck if you hurt a kid trying to prove some point.

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@ninja, lol – nice one!

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@gorillapaws, please provide some proof to backup your claim.

I know that, at least in Canada, if a driver hits a pedestrian then the driver is always at least partially to blame. A car is considered a weapon and, as the driver, you must be prepared for any reasonably foreseeable eventuality.

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Maverick, for gorillapaws,some links to show some places in the US still hold financially responsible those at fault. Most are moving to a no fault protection. Where injuries to pedestrians in some places are covered by the pedestrians own auto insurance policy, even if the driver is at fault.
When a Pedestrian or Bicyclist is Hit: In some states, there is a presumption of fault if drivers strike a pedestrian or bicyclist, for want of care and defensive driving on the driver’s part. However, the presumption can be overturned by EVIDENCE of fault or statutory violation on the part of the bicyclist or pedestrian, e.g., bicycling at night without a headlight, jaywalking, etc. In no-fault states, injured pedestrians are often covered by their own automobile policies, even though they were pedestrians at the time, and even if the driver was were at fault. link

Common pedestrian-at-fault violations link

A 2002 Institute study of pedestrian deaths in Baltimore and Washington, DC, revealed that pedestrians were more likely than drivers to be judged at fault in these collisions (50 percent versus 39 percent). link

As far as how this relates to the question a neighbor struck when jumping in front of a car to scold the driver most likely would be found at fault.

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I used to get yelled at by my one neighbor for driving too fast down the road. Thing was, i wasnt ever going all that fast maybe 15–20. I’ll never forget the first time because he had a “talk” with me. He rambled off something about how i had to watch my speed going past his house. I said i was sorry ill keep an eye on my speed(just bullshitting so he would leave me alone) and he said Ok thanks because (and i quote) “my kids are dumb as logs they will just walk out into the street in front of you”

wonderful thing to say about your kids lol.

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@ironhiway, wow that’s complicated. Thanks for the links though. Just one more reason I’m glad I’m not American, I guess. Thanks!

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what sucks is usually they get installed after a tradegy

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its too early :P

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My serious answer is that both sides have a repsonsibility – the driver to observe safe (not necessarily posted) speeds and the parents to not have their kids playing in an unsafe situation.

My really not fond of kids answer is to put a cow catcher on the front of your car (like the old locomotives) and maybe they’ll get the idea.

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