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What are the 10 best Leopard-only applications?

Asked by oddrax (145points) April 20th, 2008

How can you get full advantages of this new great OS

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I love iWorks…..great apps, easy to use and the results look great. Otherwise, I don’t have all that many apps installed in addition to what was bundled.

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IMO mast of the legacy apps for Mac OS are downward compatible (that is, they will work on previous OS versions and Power-PC hardware so as to maintain their market base), but most people on Mac OS have made the jump to Leopard…

That said, according to your criteria, I would recommend two:

Microsoft Office 2008 (some features in there that are far advanced in comparison to its Windows OS counterpart);

Apple’s Logic Studio (suite of apps for music production)-though it will run on Tiger, it’s optimized for Leopard and represents a major overhaul in the workflow and interface design (it’s my top audio app suite, and everything you see in GarageBand is derived from its feature set); and

MacSpeech’s Dictate-I recommended this one to another user here, and though the price of admission is steep, it represents a huge leap forward in speech dictation/recognition and speech-to-text technology (uses the Dragon Naturally Speaking voice recognition engine). I use it daily now and it saves a _ton_of time over typing, and it’s engine is the closest thing to a functional AI system that I’ve seen in a long while.

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Sorry about the typos above ^^ I’m lazily Fluthering in bed from my iPhone, and the edit feature timed out.

(*most, *three recommendations, not two, and * ton of time)

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There isn’t much on leopard that won’t work on tiger. I am noticing many devs making intel only apps which makes my powerpc iMac sad. The one app I really wanted to try but couldn’t is joust. Others like audio hijack pro will work, but the new releases do not support powerpc. As long as you have an intel mac, either leopard or tiger, you’re not missing anything.

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i worked a little with logic express in the office, man, what a great app, i can’t wait to go and combine my guitar play with it, use EZdrummer with it as well… just too bad my ibook G4 isn’t up for the job :(

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