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Can you set up a fish tank without using electricity?

Asked by Hummingbird7 (1points) April 9th, 2011

I would like to set up a small fish tank, but don’t want to use the electric filters and lights, if this is possible.

Are there any fish or little snails who could comfortably live in such an environment, and how would this be set up?

Thank you

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1 single beta fish lives comfortable alone in a vase with a peace lilly as a topper.

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Hardy cold water fish such as betta, goldfish, and guppies can do just fine without a filter or lights. just make sure the top of their tank has a wide top so that the oxygen from the air will permeate the water better, and you change their water often enough.

Also, always research an animal before bringing it into your home. This way you can give it the best life possible.

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Depends how crafty your feeling. If not so much, goldfish and bettas are the way to go.

If you feel up the the challenge however, its entirely possible to create a small self sustainable salt water set up with a couple plants and some micro-organisms or shrimp.

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