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At what age do men stop growing?

Asked by jabag11 (676points) April 11th, 2011


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Men usually reach their maximum height by 20 and women usually reach their maximum height by 17.


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Up or out? And where? : )

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@marinelife I wonder how Fluther likes you linking to a competing site? (I mean no offense here, I’m just curious).

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Men reach maximum height at around 19 or so.

As for width, judging from many of the middle aged guys I see out there, the sky is the limit.

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My son has his growth spurt at 14,15 and then stopped. He was thrilled to add an extra 1 1/5” when he was 19. A happy 5’ 11.”

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I say it can be as late as 23. I swear my husband grew a little taller the first year we were dating, his mom thought so too.

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I think it can vary a little from person to person, but I’d say 20, give or take a couple of years, depending on when the first big growth spurt occurred.

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I was always told 21, although it probably varies quite a bit. My son who is now 15 takes a size 8 shoe, please stop growing soon.

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@ucme You think 8 is large? Is it a US 8? Are you from a population group that tends to be on the shorter side? 8 is on the small side of shoe size in the US.

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It really does vary between people. 17–19 on average.
Ahhhh, Puberty
Wouldn’t it be nice if there was some announcement by the body to notify us we are done growing!
Like “Your shoe size is from here after size xx”

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We never grow up. I love being a manchild!

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@JLeslie I believe a size 8 here in the UK would be a 9 in the US. He’s only the one size down from me, at his age i’m going to call that fairly big yes.

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@ucme Well, that it is UK size makes a difference, did he start puberty young? I think UK 8 is more like an 81/2 here, maybe it is a 9? He might still stop at UK size 9 or 10. I would guess the majority of men in the US are US size 10 and 11, stores generally carry 7–13.

I don’t remember what age my foot stopped growing, some time in high school, but I finished high school while still 16. I always had bigger feet than my friends, I am a US 9, I pretty much caught up since I grew to be 5’6” but I wish I had a size 8 shoe. My husband grew a half a shoes size in his twenties. He is a US 11 and 5’10”.

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I reached my height (6’2) at the age of 18. However, my ring size (hence, hand size) continued to get larger till I hit 28. I can’t get a high school ring on my little finger, when I got it to fit big on a different finger when I was 18.

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@jlelandg I don’t think they care as long as the answer is properly sourced.

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Physically around 20-ish, mentally and emotionally, maybe never! haha

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Some parts never stop growing… mens ears and noses for example.

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@ucme You think 8 is big?!?! My oldest son is 16 and he wears a 13 US size, and he’s 6’1!!!

To answer the question I think it depends, a lot of things these days can change what we consider normal, years ago 18 would have been when they think boys stop growing, but with all the pollution/hormones and other things going around, a boy may reach his full growth potential at 15, or 21…lol I think everyone is different.

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I have a nephew who is 6’8, and wears a size 16 shoe.
His sister is 6’2.

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yeah penis foot envy! Just to clarify, I only meant my son’s feet are large in relation to mine, given his age. I mean, he’s no basketball playing bigfoot you know?

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@ucme When did you stop growing? And what size shoes do you wear? lol

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@JustJessica Seeing as we’re in general, i’ll keep it clean & on topic. That’s between me the wife & my cobbler.

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@ucme I was just giving you a hard time. In general I think growth might be hereditary (hence me asking you when you stopped growing).

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@JustJessica It is hereditary, but also nutrition matters. My husband is the tallest in his family, and he spent more time growing up in America, and he is the youngest sibling. We see clearly in America generations getting taller and taller from their immigrant parents, grandparents, and great grandparents, because the nutrition is much better than in many of the “old” countries, depending on the country.

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@JLeslie That makes total sense. I think it has a lot to do with all the hormones they add to the food now.

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My grandfathers were both raised in schtetls in Lithuania and the Ukraine respectively. They ate fruits and vegetables grow in their family’s gardens, they slaughtered their own meat and poultry and caught untainted fish in the ponds and streams; they drank milk from their cow, made cheese and butter and drank home-made beer and wine. They both did a lot of heavy lifting as kids also.

They immigrated to the US a teen-agers, c. 1888, and lived to 89 and 93. They were both big (6’), strong and virile men.

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@JustJessica I think hormones and that people are heavier, which means more hormones in the body, even if it isn’t in the food, is part of it, but so is higher protein levels and other things. Fat holds onto estrogen, so we see female fat teens get periods earlier and boys with bigger breasts, and honestly smaller penises, to get really technical.

My generation, I am in my 40’s, we were not fat, and the food supply was less tampered with, and we were still taller. The next generation was not much taller, but we started seeing the puberty related things move younger here is America.

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@JustJessica You were giving me a hard time? Really? Okay, went right over my head. I was just having a laugh myself :¬)

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yay @RareDenver ! Let’s hear it for the puer eternis within as the analytical set likes to call the phenomenon.

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A man stop growing at the age of 19 to 21.

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