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My ear has a painful throb what could it be ?

Asked by sandystrachan (4407points) July 30th, 2009

The base of my ear is throbbing and it is an intense pain , just for a few seconds at a time tho .
My ears are clean of wax and any other foreign body from what i can tell , the pain is very sharp and causes me to wince .
It goes away when i press or rub the ear , its too late for a Dr now i have used olive oil to see if any wax or stuff comes out nowt there .
I haven’t banged it , this pain has been coming and going for a while tho . I know i should have went to the Dr ages ago about it , but i didn’t think much about i then.

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It might just be a hair that stings the drum from time to time, happened to one of my mates some time ago.

Do not stick anything smaller than your elbow in your ear, you are risking severe damage otherwise.

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Stop putting things in there. You will do NO benefit, I promise you. You can only do worse. There is literally no way to sooth the pain by putting anything in there, full stop.

I have ear problems sometimes, often due to my Eustachian tubes getting blocked up which causes excruciatingly painful ear pressure. The last time I went to a doctor for it they gave me a mouth spray meant for hayfever sufferers that dried up my nasal passages (as that is where the tubes lead into), and that did seem to help.

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@sandystrachan: You’re right. You should have gone to MD. earlier. Go now or tomorrow since the week=end will be upon us, and you will be lumbered.

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@dynamicduo I have stuff for hayfever, doesn’t seem to do anything for me .
@gailcalled Dr’s in the morning as soon as i wake up , i will be calling them .

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It’s most likely an ear infection, the pain can be very very bad.

My advice would be don’t try to solve the problem yourself, sticking things up there is really only going to make things worse. Hopefully your doctor will give you a course of antibiotics which should clear things up very quickly. In the short term, you should find that sleeping with the painful ear facing downwards, on your side should provide pain relief whilst you try to sleep. (You may need to support your head with pillows on either side of the ear so that it is not pressed into a pillow.)

A couple of questions, though,

Is there water coming out of the ear, or is it wet in any way?
Is the pain on the inside, and if so how deep is the pain?

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There is no liquid or residue coming out , the pain would be right in my ear. To alleviate the pain i have to press the base of my ear from the outside .
Oh and i always sleep on the side that is sore .

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Take a strong pain killer and go to your doctor in the morning.

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@sandystrachan: Could you please elaborate which part of the ear you refer to as ”the base”? And which part the pain seems to originate from?

Since you mention that you sleep on that side, do you notice the soreness when you are laying on it, or when you wake up? Or does it seem unrelated to the position in which you are sleeping?

Do any other symptoms accompany the pain, such as muffled hearing or ringing/tinnitus?

Do you grind or clench your teeth while sleeping, or have other issues with your jaw?

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Image i have a tendency to grind or hold my jaw closed firmly at one side , the side the pain is . I do sometimes get the stabbing pain when i am asleep , enough to wake me up again firm pressure on that spot seems to help .
It is something that comes and goes .

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@sandystrachan: Based on your description, it sounds very much like a TMJ (temperomandibular joint) issue. Take a pain releiver and apply some heat. Try to break yourself of the clenching habit, and find ways to relax and fend off stress (e.g. meditation). Instead of a doctor, contact your dentist in the morning.

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Could be your having tooth problems!

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infection, water in the ear, a blockage, a torn ear drum, etc!

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warmth, hydrogen peroxide, ENT (ear nose throat doctor)

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