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What are some fun/special pieces of equipment to use with a Canon 5D Mark II?

Asked by Carly (4555points) April 12th, 2011

My school’s film club just bought a Canon 5D and we’re looking into using the rest of our yearly budget on some other video equipment (not for still photography purposes). What would you buy extra (besides lenses) that would be fun, interesting, and/or useful to have?

We have a budget of $1,500 right now, and next year we will have $3,000 extra.

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You have just entered an amazing world! The 5d MkII is amazing fun and a great tool.

You definitely will want to take care of audio and “stabilization” for video.

Get a Rode Shotgun VideoMic (w/windscreen)

The video footage on a 5d MkII can look like jello if you don’t get it on a tripod or monopod. There is a pretty cool monopod here:

If you want to see what other things may be helpful, you can see my equipment list for work:

Let me know if you have any other questions!

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