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Has anyone tried or heard of DHT and does it work ?

Asked by EtherRoom (384points) April 14th, 2011

Has anyone ever tried or heard about DHT hair blocker and does it work ? I’m curious. It’s supposed to make hair grow.

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The lab I work in is currently doing trials with a version of DHT. We are trying to formulate a product to reduce and possibly prevent seasonal shedding in animals. I probably shouldn’t say anymore.
This does work to stop one main mechanism that contributes to hair loss, mainly in men. It has successfully stopped the progression of hair loss, with mixed results regaining the hair that has stopped growing.
This has the potential, and usually does have an overall effect on hair – unwanted growth – and could effect the hormone levels within your body, so consider educating yourself on the whole picture before doing it. There are reduced-ad and no-ad sites that can explain the details for you better than I can here. Study it well, it’s a big decision. It’s also an ongoing expense, not a cure.
FYI – Most of the women I’ve talked to like shaved heads, so consider that too. Make sure you get a good razor, it will show if you don’t.

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