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How to reset iTouch?

Asked by kb12345 (429points) April 18th, 2011

My little sister got an iTouch in the fall. She forgot her code or password to get on (the 4 digit number). I think it is a total waste so if I fix it I get to keep it and it would just be nice to have a working iTouch at the house. Does anyone know what to do to reset that number or somehow disable it to get onto the iTouch?

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Press and hold the power and home button until it shuts off, then release the power but keep holding the home until the connect to itunes screen shows up.

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You can reset by hitting the settings icon, then the general icon, and scroll down and scroll down to reset, hit that and it will give you reset options. Just don’t, of course, choose “Erase all content and Settings” unless you really want to or need to start from square one.:-)

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She forgot the passcode

You need the passcode to reset it that way.

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@XOIIO O.K. I never bothered with any of that passcode business on my iTouch. The only times I’ve ever had to reset it the menu options I described were enough. Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain. I’m a humbug:-)

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my girlfriend gives my passcode to her friends like its a hotcake! Isn’t the passcode 4 numbers? It’s a combination from 0000–9999, if you were really patient…

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@XOIIO ok is the home button the round dot at the botton? The power button is at the top left right? LOL very embarassing I am not up to date with this.

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I’m not 100% sure on this but I’m pretty sure you just hold down the power button.

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@kb12345 yeah.

@MysticRain thats to restart it.

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