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What is jailbreak for iPod touch?

Asked by atr408 (357points) January 5th, 2008

what does it do and will it damage my iPod so that I won’t be able put music and videos etc. on it through iTunes. Is itreversable

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It will allow you to install a bunch of programs that you would otherwise not be able to use with Apple’s stock firmware.

I’ve jailbroken my touch and haven’t had any problems. You can always download previous firmwares from Apple (sorry, no link right now) and restore them with iTunes.

The jailbreak package has most all the info you’ll need. Enjoy your improved touch!

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how do I find previous firmware virsions? If I restore my iPod to factory settings will it be a previous firmware?

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Apple has said that a SDK (software development kit) will arrive next month. I would personally hold off. But, I am old and two week is easy to wait out.

But it is just an iPod and if you fuck it up it is easy to to get it back to its original state.

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@johnpowell while its true that an SDK is forthcoming, we have no idea what kind of restrictions Apple may continue to impose on applications and how they will allow these applications to be deployed. They could very well be highly restrictive and thus only allow Apple censored applications to be “officially” installed.

I believe that it is very difficult to irreparably damage a piece of hardware like this by jailbreaking it since it isn’t making any changes that will prevent normal operations (read: filesystem or other system I/O) to occur. Interestingly it is installed by using an exploit in the way Safari handles TIFF files. Once it has installed it actually patches this vulnerability so in a way you’d be making your touch more secure.

I understand not wanting to do it. I got a touch after playing with one that my friend bought. His was jailbroken but I waited about a week and spent some time reading about it before I made my choice to do it.

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what does jailbreak do though? i heard it lets you get 3rd party apps or something, but i dont know what those are..?

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yes if u are having really huge problems with any jailbreak for ipod touch. Just go on and download the app and it will appear on your computer desktop and just click make it ra1n and it will jailbreak your ipod automaticly And if you want to upgrade your ipod to 3.1.2 version go to u can download stuff for free

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and yes it will damage ur ipod if u have a jailbreak for 3 months it will be slow and most of apps wont work so if u have any problems with ur ipod immideantly RESTORE IT!!!!!

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