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Any suggestions on short-term rentals?

Asked by Nudge (5points) April 19th, 2011

Just want to spend the summer in Austin, TX. Most rentals are 6 months at the least. 2 months is a bit too long in a motel, but too short for a rental. Thanks in advance.

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Google Extended Stay Hotels and Corporate Housing Austin TX and you will get a bunch of choices.

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You might look at web sites like For Rent by Owner or similar sites in the area. Or, check with a rental or real estate agency in the area. Some places that rent for weeks at a time might like a full summer tenant.

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I just sent this to Mrentropy, he lives there and might have an insight or two.

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Austin is a college town. That means a lot of people move out in May and most of them do not get replaced until August. While rentals usually say you have to be there for six months, you might be able to talk them into letting you rent for the summer since that’s better than letting the space sit empty until the new group of students arrive. It might be worth making some phone calls to the apartments located nearest the campus. It would probably help if you explained this logic when making your request. You could even offer to pay a little more than the usual going rate to make it worth their while. The worst they can do is tell you no.

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Hmm. I don’t know much about short term rentals, other than the extended stay hotels.

However, there was a service around there that would let you rent a house relatively inexpensively, the catch being that the house you’d be staying at was for sale. This meant keeping the place nice and tidy because people could come by for a viewing whenever. And when I say “house” I mean “mansion.” They’d probably be willing to do a month-by-month thing but now I have to try and remember what they were called.

Searching for summer rentals will probably be better than anything I can come up with, though. Getting a furnished apartment, though, will probably be a bit difficult anywhere not near the university.

And Craigslist is always an option.

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The best short-term rentals I know (for a seasonal kind of thing) is through senior citizen websites, etc. As most people want to go to TX for the WINTER, I would imagine that SUMMER rentals should be fairly easy! Might also check colleges to see if there are summer rentals before the students return for classes in the fall . . .

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On Craigslist in the Housing category there is a section titled “sublets/temporary”.

I took a quick glance and saw a few offering a summer sublet.

Since this is only May, I’m assuming you’ll have plenty of time for something to come up that you’d find suitable.

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Great Answers!! I just want to thank all of you for the insights and awesome suggestions!!

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Have you asked a realtor for help? They can put the parameters into the MLS and find you a place. It doesn’t cost you anything. A lot of buildings and communities probably have a minimum they require for rentals.

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