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I say music you instantly think...

Asked by seazen_ (4801points) April 19th, 2011

Just for fun.

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Today…Howlin’ Wolf.

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Shostakovich’s 13th symphony

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Vivaldi’s Four Seasons.

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The Beatles, Michael Jackson, Elton John and David Bowie.

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Taylor Swift. Country. Awesome. Pixie Lott. Ke$ha. Lady Antebellum. Pop. Cheryl Cole.

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Mozart’s four concerti for French horn.

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The Magic Flute opera. My favorite thing to sing in existence!

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snoop dogg, dr dre, 50 cent, llyo

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Beethoven’s Fifth

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“If music be the food of love, play on.”-Shakespeare

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What first comes to mind is not actual music, but the instruments themselves. I actually listen to very little music, but I absolutely love the instruments, particularly the craftsmanship they embody.

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@thorninmud I agree. The wood tones on a violin or even just a set of Pan pipes can be so beautiful!

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No more pop, just metal and rock!

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@rock4ever That was pretty random! ;)

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I wonder if it’s derived from or related to the word “muse”.

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Le tourn’e sol… le tourn’e sol… na pas besoin, du ne bu sol… ni dar’con siel, ni dar’con siel… purse turn’e vert le soleil.

Hey, you asked. It’s what I remember of a song our horriid French teacher had us sing in 5th grade, even though we knew almost no French after 4–5 years with her, except how to ask for a drink of water to stall for time, and the forbidden punishable (but worth it) knowledge of being able to say “I don’t know. I don’t speak any French.”

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Juliette Greco singing “La Ciel De Paris”, been running through my head since I heard it this morning. hum hum,

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@pshizzle It’s what I first thought of!

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@rock4ever That’s why it was random!

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ugly marching band shirt

I had to wear one of these for band concerts. Yes, it was the first thing that came to my mind.

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London, New York, Paris, Munich, everybody’s talking bout pop music!

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Dancing, yeeeeaahh!

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LOUD Jammin with my boyz!

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That varies from day to day. Right now… Gorillaz, Lady Gaga, GLaDOS and Jonathon Coulton, Phoebe Henry, Irena Santor, and Faye Wong.

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My tr****or’s sexy
joke It’s not the first thing. This

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Van… Van Morrison of course!~

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Tuning and timing.

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Dick Clark.

We all grew up with Dick Clark, so what else is there?

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@john65pennington Top 40 hits counting them down every Sunday wait thats Casie Casem

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David Bowie, Pink Floyd, MUSE, and Gershwin. Sort of a hodge-podge of my musical tastes, but so be it.

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my brain took it as a word association thing.

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Creative1. thanks. who could ever forget the voice of Cassie Casem?

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Trains crashing; repeatedly, to form the beat that is Industrial. Plus, epic dudes holding up swords for some dramatic reason.

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Life and love. Next up is The Script, Franz Ferdinand and Coldplay

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Johnny Cash.

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Queen and AC/DC!

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Dancing till dawn in a sweaty tent

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@queenie i watched The Script live last Thursday. :)

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@illyasviel Cool! Did ya watch their live stream last week too?

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