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What course of action do I take if something I ordered online went to an address I no longer lived at?

Asked by shpadoinkle_sue (7188points) April 19th, 2011

I ordered a couple of DVDs off of ebay and they went to an old address that I used to live at. I thought that I had registered the correct address for them to be sent to. But I got confirmation from the senders that it went to the old address. How do I go about figuring out where they are and how to get them back? I figure or hope that the owners would return to sender, but you never know.

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Tell your local post office that you moved. You fill out a form and all mail going to you at the old address can be redirected to your new address.

If you have not done that, and this mail already will have arrived, then call the landlord or new owner and let them know a package was sent to your old address and you hadn’t yet filled out a post office redirection (or that it was UPS or Fedex or whatever), ask if they’ve seen it yet and let them know when to expect it and where to send it (or offer to come get it), or to return it to sender.

If those don’t work, you could also phone the company you ordered from and let them know.

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Go to your previous address and pick up the DVD’s. @Zaku She will probably have to go through eBay to change her mailing address.

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@pshizzle Er ya she seems to already know that though, since she thought she did that.

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@Zaku She probably didn’t confirm the change on the website.

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You fill out a form and all mail going to you at the old address can be redirected to your new address.

You can do it online.

As for these CDs, you are dependent on the people at your old address. They are legally entitled to keep the CDs. But I think most people would be understanding and glad to help you out.

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@jaytkay No, the new residents are not legally entitled to open (let alone steal) mail for the previous people who lived there! Not unless it was addressed to “The residents at…”.

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@Zaku Ahhhh, I did not consider the addressee name. I was thinking of the fact that mail unintentionally sent to you is yours.

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Just let the new people know its coming and ask them to hold them and you will pick them up. If it is far away you have two choices. They can mark it return to sender and it will go back to the sender and then pay again for the sender to ship it to the correct address, or have the person living where you live mail it if they are willing to and pay them.

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It doesn’t sound like the OP did a formal change of address with the post office or she would not be worried. She said she thought she changed the address on Ebay. I agree she should do. Change of address with the post office, either online (costs a dollar) or fill the form at the post office (free) so she does not miss any mail.

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