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If I applied to my school as a history major, can I transfer now to the engineering program easily, or do I have to apply to that seperately?

Asked by Aethelflaed (13752points) April 20th, 2011

Is changing to an engineering major just like changing to any other major, or do I have to apply to that program separately?

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Engineering usually has some prerequisite courses that you have to get through. If you want to change majors you should talk to someone, a counselor possibly, and make sure you are taking the required courses to get into that school/major. Probably some mather courses, and a required minimum GPA. College students frequenly change majors, so it shouldn’t be a problem, except, depending on your school, and how crowded the engineering department is, it might have limited space.

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You are going to have to apply to the program and be accepted to the program, but you don’t have to reapply to the university. You will need to contact the engineer school within your university, have your transcripts evaluated, and find out what classes you will need.

Many engineering programs are set up differently than other majors. The people that I knew/currently know that went through engineering programs are in 5 year programs that include co-op time.

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