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What is your prediction for the next new video game system?

Asked by MasterAir16 (261points) April 30th, 2011

Since we got many different game systems, now I’m curious what the kind and possible for the next new video game system.

My prediction the possible we could have system relate 3-D generation for Playstation, Xbox, or Nintendo system.

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I don’t think 3D will catch on unless they make it work without special glasses. People like me with an astigmatism don’t see in 3D anyway.

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I highly doubt next console will have 3-D feature in due of limited televisions with LED.

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Whatever it is, online multiplayer is sure to largely replace solo and offline gaming. Sigh.

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What @Symbeline said. Also, a lot of people speculate they’ll do away with the disk drive, and have you pay to purchase a game digitally.

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@Joker94 Good call, and true indeed. This has already started, Sony going strong with digital content. (even though right now the PSN is shot to shit haha)

I suspect that the future of handhelds will follow suit. The NGP is showing signs of this, although Nintendo may remain more traditional, and just be all gimicky. Then again if they don’t do something about the 3DS stumble, they may very well have to jump the online/digital bandwagon, or sell their licenses like Sega did. :/

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Hey-I still have my Nintendo, my Super Nintendo, and Playstation 1…

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Honestly, I don’t see any revolutionary advances in consoles until TV technology improves and makes things like glasses-free 3D commonplace.

The one exception is in controllers. I see things like Kinect becoming more advanced and popular.

I also see hand-helds fading away in favor of Android/iPhone games or hopefully more sophisticated things like the Razer Switchblade

@Symbeline I don’t entirely agree. There are enough games that are not suited for MMO, and there are enough gamers like me who will bow out of the gaming market if Solo/offline gaming gets eliminated.

@Joker94 Until broadband coverage is universal as it is in just about every industrialized nation except the US I don’t see that either. They may try, but there will be a bit of backlash.

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@Symbeline I’m so chapped that the PSN is down >.<
@jerv There would definitely be backlash. I mean, just look at the PSP Go..

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The next thing I think we will all see, is changes to how consoles and console games work. We will probably move away from giving consoles more and more hardware, and probably move towards a server system.

Instead of buying a game and getting a disk that goes in the console, you will just buy a subscription to a game, no instalation, no disk, it just connects to the server and gives you access.

You will also see a lot more changes in the types of game we will see. We have dise scrollers, driving games, shooting games and so on. I think we will soon see new kinds of game.

If the choice were up to me, we would go in the complete opposite direction. I want to see more hand held controlers and less motion detection, I want to keep hardware and disks.

“you play with your hands? thats like a baby’s toy!”

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@jerv Yeah, but it’s getting to be rather secondary, and it seems to enjoy that direction. Of course, we can always count on Japan for not letting go of traditional gaming, especially Nintendo, I just hope they don’t loose the handheld dominion. :/

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Right now games are at an all time high of looks and interactivity. So I have to agree with, @jerv.

Oh yea, 3D games already exist

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There already is a new console by Nintendo coming up. With its updated tech, maybe this will be the next gen console.

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@belakyre Nintendo has never been known for having great graphics, and while the Wii-2 has better graphics than a couple of consoles that have already been out for years, I don’t think it will remain on top once Microsoft and Sony release their next consoles.

Also, it makes little sense to enhance graphics beyond the capabilities of the average home TV system, not that there is terribly much room for improvement in the first place. About the only direction they can go is multi-POV, and that will have limits based on the mini-displays.

It appears to me that the Wii-2 is (or at least can be) a hub to allow multiple Game Boys to network and have a LAN party; something the PC world has been doing for years only not in handheld form.

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I think the WII is a gimmick. It’s popular because it’s both cheap and a novelty. But a lot of serious gamers shun the wii. I can’t speak for all, but I don’t see the appeal in standing up and saving my arms around to play a game. That’s a great idea for sports games and little kids high on sugar all the time, but it’s a nuisance for non-sports games. I’m more into RPG/adventure games/survival horror/simulation games (Oblivion, Morrowind, Mass Effect, Half Life, Portal, Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Max Payne, Pain The Game, The Sims, Roller Coaster Tycoon, MS Flight Simulator, MS Train Simulator, etc.) and I don’t see the point of such gimmicks in the kind of games I play.

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@HungryGuy Agreed. I am generally split between RPGs and full-on simulation like the one I detailed above. The latter doesn’t lend itself well to consoles (the PS version of MechWarrior 2 was a farce) and the former derives no benefit from ditching the traditional D-pad controller.

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@jerv – Yeah, I loved MechWarrior 2! All recent MechWarrior games put you as a general in command of a whole squadron doing strategy. Bleh! I want to be back in the driver’s seat in first person perspective! All systems nominal.

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@HungryGuy Did you know that MechWarrior 4:Mercenaries (including all of the Mech Packs) is now free? Just install the MTX client, let it download MW4, and blast away! Just don’t run it at too high a resolution or it will lag. Apparently it wasn’t coded to handle modern GPUs and the resolutions they can handle :/

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@jerv – I’m not allowed to download it because I don’t know how many are in a dozen. (I’m used to the metric system and I though a dozen was 12, but I guess that’s not correct).

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@jerv – I found a “back door” to let me into the download page of that site without registering here: But then the download failed because the server crapped out after the download started. Aaaargh!

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Hey @jerv! Check these out!

Mech Warrior 4

Mech Warrior 5

I’ll d/l MW4 when the servers get a chance to breathe, but I want MW5!!!

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Yeah, the server is often a bit busy. That might be why they have you download MTX which is a small torrent-like thing rather than a 1.7GB file.

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I think that the next gen. of consoles will have either a 3D element to them, such as the 3D DS. Either that, or they will try to remove controllers. What I mean is, they might want to incorporate our movements into the console. Something similar to what the playstation and what xbox did with the kinect.

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That may be true temporarily. They’ll all do away with the controllers. Gamers who are into sandbox games, RPGs, and simulators (games like The Sims and Flight Simulator and Minecraft and Mass Effect which can’t be controlled easily by waving your arms around) will notice that controller-less games suck and will buy their games for the PC when they can. Small independent developers who realize what gamers need and want will continue to make simulation and sandbox and RPG games on the PC. Big game houses will realize there’s profit to be made by selling such games and will manufacture 3rd party controllers so they can sell console versios of their games. Console makers will realize there’s still a need and a market for controllers, so they’ll bring them back in the nth+2 generation of consoles.

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What would be truly awesome, though, is some sort of brain-computer interface that, when you wear some sort of helmet, you’ll actually be placed in the game world to walk around and interact in it as if your body was really in the game. But that’s probably never going to happen. Even if medical science discovers how to interface the brain with electronics as is common in many science fiction scenarios, how many of you will be willing to have brain surgery and implants so that you can interact with your computer by thought? Hey! That’s a great Fluther question…

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@HungryGuy Look how many people go for nose jobs, boob jobs, and laser eye surgery. I think it it simply a matter of how much it costs.

I have to say that there seems to be a bit of a retro trend. For instance, the upcoming MechWarrior game isn’t a continuation, hence the lack of a 5 on the name; it is a reboot to before the Clan Invasion that the BT/MW universe had back in 1990. The Clans invaded in 3049 but the MW game is set in 3031, before the Fourth Succession War, and the gameplay is a back-to-basics affair as well.

So long as there are gamers like me, companies won’t abandon a known revenue source and force controller-free gaming on us. They may come out with new stuff, but they won’t… can’t abandon the old.

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