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what is the best music for getting it on?

Asked by sfgal (283points) June 6th, 2007
what music puts you in the mood? looking for some hot recommendations.
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depends on what kind of mood you're in! but here are som standbys: d'angelo. prince. air. low. nouvelle vague (or any samba). nina simone. as you can see, i go for the more mellow selections.
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Two words: Berry white! :)
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Van Morrison's Into The Mystic

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I am into David Gray for that arena.

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Sade is great if your looking for romantic making love.

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glassjaw or RX bandits, as odd as that sounds.

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Copy Sade! I heard this comedian say “Now, she know her name is Sadie! Next time I see her I’m a slap her!”

Also, and smooth instrumental jazz

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I think Steven Tyler’s favorite is elevator music. I know! That’s so odd for a rock musician.

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