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What ring size might I be ?

Asked by EtherRoom (381points) May 2nd, 2011

I need to know my ring size and I don’t have a measuring tape with me. I’m 5’4, and weigh 125. Does anyone know what size I could be ? I’m a petite woman.

I also need to know my neck size… Thanks..

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It doesn’t work that way. For either ring size or neck size.

You must measure.

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I would say I’m a petite and average size for my height and shape. Maybe someone has a wife who is the same size as me ?

I don’t have anything to measure now, and I need to know the size.

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If you go to any jeweler they will be happy to let you use their rings for sizing…. Everyone has a different sizes of fingers no matter how much you weight and your height. I have tiny hands and I am 5’6” tall and have a large bone structure.

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I’m petite and have small hands and wear a size 5 on my ring finger on my left hand. My right hand ring finger is slightly bigger as I fell down some stairs and stoved it pretty bad and can’t wear the ring I had for that finger. But as the others have said, there is no way to know unless you get your finger sized.

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A normal piece of paper is 8.5 inches wide and 11 inches long. If you have a piece of paper you now have a ruler.

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Your neck is 14½ inches and your ring finger on your left hand is a size 5½. If you don’t believe me, measure it.

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Your ring size is close to your shoe size. Your shoe and ring size are usually no more than +/-½ size from each other. I don’t know about your neck though. For that, I think you’ll have to measure.

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No one will really be able to just guess. My ring size was actually bigger when I was skinnier than it is now that I’m heavier. Your overall size has nothing to do with ring size really.

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Take a piece of string and make a loop. Slip it around your finger and adjust until it just goes over the big knuckle without being too loose or too tight. That’s the dimension. Straighten it out and measure the length, and you have the diameter. How it translates to a ring size I can’t say.

You can do the same thing for a necklace length. Necklaces are measured in inches.

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Impossible to know for sure. Some petite people have short stubby fingers. Let’s say you are average, I’ll say you are likely a 5½ ring size, assuming you are here in the US. Ring sizes can be different in different countries.

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@Randy Huh? That is total bullshit. My ring size is 51/2 (very snug) on my left, and 6 on my right. My shoe is 9.

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What @Randy said is actually true in my case.

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@chyna But, in no way is it a rule of thumb so to speak. Ring size 6 is very common for women, many times it is the display size, although now maybe they use a bigger one as America gets fatter. Very few Americans are size 6 shoe.

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@EtherRoom Most rings can be sized easily, unless it has stones all the way around. You shouldn’t have to worry about being exact. I did have one ring that could not be made smaller easily because the stones went halfway around, and to make the ring small enough it needed reinforcement at the end stones so they did not fall out.

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@JLeslie It was a jeweler that told me that. I needed to give him my ring size over the phone and I had no idea so he asked for my shoe size. He said they were usually very close. I’m about an 8 – 8½ in shoe size and my ring size is about an 8.

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@Randy Not true- I wear a size 7 shoe and a size 5 ring.

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I’m like @JLeslie and that rule that @Randy mentioned doesn’t work for me either. My ring finger is only a 5½ while my shoe size is a 7½ – 8 depending on the shoe.

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@Randy, I am assuming you are a man. I can see how the coincidence might be better for men. Most men wear rings between 9–12 I think, and their shoe sizes are the same. but, still it can vary greatly.

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@bkcunningham I think she doesn’t have a measuring tape.

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If you have ceiling tiles or floor tiles, they are generally 1 foot by 1 foot.

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@Jeruba is very good with English, but… apparently not so great with math. The method she described would give you the circumference of a ring that would fit you, not the diameter.

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Take @creative1‘s advice and go to a jewelery store. They have the expertise of measuring your ring size based upon the circumference of not only where the ring will sit but the size of your knuckle. They use actual rings and your feedback to provide an answer.

As for your neck, I have no clue other than to use a plastic tape measurer and note the size in both inches and centimeters. If it is for a necklace that will fit snugly, again, it would be better to try on and find one that is comfortable and then have it measured.

@Randy If I wore a ring based upon my shoe size, it would slip off as soon as I put my hand down at my side.

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Size 6½ ring on my left hand and size 7 on my right. Shoes are 10.

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You’re right, @WasCy—I did mean the circumference. And that’s the measure you want.

There’s no reason to look for a correlation to shoe size, though. Shoe size is a matter of length. Ring size is a matter of width. One person could have long and skinny hands and feet and have a much smaller ring size than someone with short and stubby hands and feet. Shoe size and glove size might correlate, but it makes no more sense to think we could predict ring size from a person’s height and weight than that we could predict tooth size or nose size. They’re just different features entirely. Direct measurement is the only way to go.

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I’m 5 feet tall. I wear a size 7½ shoe. I wear a size 6½ ring on my ring finger on my left hand, about a 7 on my right, about a 7¾ on my middle left… It depends on the finger and your hand. I have short, fat fingers. My mother is 5’4” and can wear my engagement ring all the way up to her middle finger on her right hand. There is no way to tell. Each and every person is different.

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@JLeslie The standard for rings is a size 7. Most (nice) rings are made in that size and then sized from there unless they’re a type that cannot be sized, such as some eternity bands.

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@klutzaroo When you say standard, do you mean typical size for trying on at jewelry stores, or the average size most women wear?

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@JLeslie The standard size for making rings. Most rings you’ll find at the jewelry store are a size 7.

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Ring size also varies by country. Trust me, I looked it up. It might explain why the US ring size I gave to my UK SO is about ½ size too large.

There is also information about the proper time of the day (midday) to measure ring size, as well as the temperature, be it body or environment. Again, go to an expert and get measured.

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