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How do I update the maps in my TomTom GPS?

Asked by choreplay (6297points) May 2nd, 2011

I understand the maps in my TomTom can be updated. This is the first time I was trying to update the maps. Since I don’t have the instruction book I went to the TomTom website. The only updates I saw there were to be purchased. Is the only way to update maps, by having to purchase the TomTom subscriptions?

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Plug it into your computer, while on-line. It will update automatically

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I did plug it in and it still is but it doesn’t appear to be doing anything??? I seem to download something onto my computer but no indication anything was being updated back to the TomTom?

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Go into your computer search box off the start menu and enter Tom Tom. I know each time I completely reboot my computer then the Tom Tom symbol comes back but in between reboots, if I click to exit Tom Tom then it will disappear for awhile. Send me an IM reminder and I’ll look through my booklet when I get home and will reply to you if your download doesn’t get you straight again.

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