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I want to sell my used Cannondale road bike(in San Diego), but have no idea what it is worth. I need help getting a quote.

Asked by shammie (64points) May 5th, 2011

I got my road bike about 3 years ago as a gift. The brand is Cannondale. It was stripped of it’s paint, so I don’t know what style or year or anything. It was bought used(but excellent condition), with a small dent in the frame from a guy in St. Louis, MO, who rebuilds bikes and sells them online…

I have ridden it in STL over the course of a half year about maybe 80 miles, it was kept inside my room when not being ridden. Than moved to North California and it sat inside for about 2 years hardly touched.

Now in San Diego and would like to try to sell it to make some extra cash. I guess I would like to sell it craigslist, so I looked on craigslist but got confused, because i know little about bikes…

I was hopeing to find a close bike shop or cannondale “expert” to help me… Can anyone point me in the right direction

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Check the serial number. Cannondale serial #: Serial number code: first two digits are the size, next 6 are date of manufacture, remainder are unit number. For instance: SN#54021787121 indicates a 54 cm frame, built on February 17, 1987, #121

This will be a start as to finding out it’s value.

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You could take it to a bike shop and ask their opinion. The components are just as important as the frame manufacturer in terms of overall value.

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@FutureMemory is correct about components. They can be more important.

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look on craigslist at similiar bikes. They sell for a pretty standard sum.

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Where in San Diego are you? I am in San Diego too and can recommend some bike shops.

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Thanks for responses.

Where would i find the serial #???

The bike is definitely not in its original form: has new/different handle bars, brakes, seat… Maybe I can sell components, assuming you mean different parts.

I looked on craigslist, but do not know enough about bikes in general, and this particular(and not even sure what kind of bike this is, except that its frame is a cannondale)bike, to figure out how to price it. Obviously i want the most money i can get for it, and would like to go to several bike shops and ask opinions on pricing it as a whole, or maybe as parts.

I am in mission beach, do you know of some shops nearby?

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I haven’t personally been to them, but Pacific Coast Bicycle on Garnet gets really good reviews. If they can’t help you (as they mostly do beach cruisers) they should be able to refer you to someone that can. The two shops I really like are in Encinitas and La Mesa, so that may be a bit too far for you!

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It will depend on which bike you have and date of manufacture.

Look at the place where the chainstay connects in front of the rear tire. The chainstay is a pair of tubes that extend from the bottom of the frame and run parallel to the chain. This is the place where the serial number should be for the majority of Cannondale bicycles.

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Thanks guys, i stopped in Pacific Coast Bicycle, they definitly only deal with cruisers, but he was nice enough to direct me to another place called bicycle warehouse, to at least learn about the bike. Also, he told me that people actually want a stripped down(as in all paint removed) bike which made me happy. I found the serial #, just have not looked it up yet… anything else? do you guys think i should re-inflate the tires(not sure how, or at least i am nervous to pop one), or redo tape on handle bars(totally new, but unwinding) or find out what my seat is worth, or ask about the brake(what do i say???)...

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ok, so just got serial #: 53052286018. so does that mean it was made in 1986, i like it even more… what do i do with this serial # now????

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Serial number shows us that it is a 53 CM frame built on May 22, 1986. It also tells us that it was the 18th one made. Basically it gives you an idea of age so you can tell about what it is worth.

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