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Kneel before the Dutchess as she enters the 10k mansion!

Asked by WillWorkForChocolate (23098points) May 6th, 2011

That’s right, show your respect to the Dutchess, and take a knee!

Congratulations to the most darling twit ever, whom I’ve known since the days of I love you Dutchy!

Let’s party! Clothing optional, just for the purpose of making Dutchess go blind!

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Congrats. Hope a party at the end of the week makes a great week afterall.

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You always break Fluther. ;(

Congrats! :)

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<Runs through nekked and yelling, “HAPPY 10K DAY DUTCHY!”>

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Congratulations!!! I lurve all of your answers!

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#~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~CONGRATULATIONS YOUR HIGHNESS!!!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~#

You never fail to help or make me laugh!

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Congrats on the 10 Grand Madam!

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Congratulations on your 10k! :)

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Nakey dance! Congrats, Dutchess… well done!

@WillWorkForChocolate You beat the community feed!

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I brought a cooler full of Natty Light for you @dutchess! It’s a sign of true nobility to never forget your down-to-earth roots. Cheers to ya, doll!

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Eh, these knees are too creaky for kneeling, but congratulations nonetheless!

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CoNgRaTuLaTiOnS! !

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@augustlan I’ve been waiting for her to hit it, so I had a Q all ready to go in a separate tab!! :P

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Congratulations on the 10K!

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Congrats, Dutchess!

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Congratulations! :))

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Congratulations! ’‘bows, trips’’

Keep up the great work. :)

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Kneeling is a bit too much for these creaky knees of mine, but I can manage a dainty curtsy in your honor :)

Congrats on 10K

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Congrats on the 10k. Didn’t I see you at The Royal Wedding? You were wearing an unusual hat.

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* * * Y * A * Y * * * CONGRATULATIONS ! ! ! GOOD WORK ! ! ! * * * Y * A * Y * * *

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Are you kidding? I thought you had already gone to the mansion, long before me. I was certain that you or @wundayatta could out talk (or rather write) me. How is this possible?

Anyway, congratulations! Come right this way, first you will be getting a fitting for a lovely ball gown and tiara, or if you prefer, an awesome mini skirt and a pair of Jimmy Choos, or maybe you’d rather try the leopard print onesie with a pair of mucklucks. The choice is yours.

Then you will be whisked down the hall where you will be served a variety of fine cheeses, including your very own jar of Kraft pimento cheese spread to take take home with you.

Unfortunately, everybody already ate the rice pudding that me and @queenie put in the swimming pool yesterday, but not to worry, because we have re-filled it with yummy mashed potatoes and gravy (and I put a side of vegetarian gravy into the hot tub, for the few of us veg-heads that want it)

Knowing that you love to read and are also very fit and active, we pitched in to buy you this really cool Kindle-style reader. It’s different, though, because it’s huge. It’s about 7 ft. by 4 ft. That’s so you can read and work out at the same time. Or if you and your hubby want to just roll around on “the sheets” you can, but that’s your business. : )

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HooRay! Dutchess…You..Me…Cazzie..We are da bomb!
CONGRATULATIONS! And o/\o high fives.o/\o o/\o o/\o!

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Oh, I forgot, I am going to play this song real loud on the CD player: Pass the Dutchess

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Hooray! Congratulations!

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More partay time! Yay! Congratulations @dutchess. Glad you are here.

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Well Done!!!!

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Hey, ok there!
[A dutchess belongs in a mansion, after all]

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Woo-hoo! Don’t let a tornado sweep you off your feet…

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Congratulations Duchess! We are all waiting for the official photo of you in your new palatial suite in the mansion :-) (ponders on whether the Duchess will be clothed!)

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Congratulations!!! Oh my, it looks like the mansion is getting full.

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Congrats, Your Grace!

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About frikkin time.

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@Dutchess_III you have always been royalty in my eyes, but now you can move into a mansion befitting your high station. Kneel I certainly will. Well done!

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Congratulations oh exalted one :-)

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Congratulations Dutchess!

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The Dutchess!! Congrats on a great achievement!!

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Way to go! You always make me laugh.

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I believe, congratulations are in order your highness.
And may I just say what a jolly good job your done.
Cheers. Time to change it to, I just hit 10K! Wheeeeee!

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This is so exciting! Congratulations, m’lady!

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Congo Rats! We are not worthy!!!!

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Congratulations @dutchess for reaching 10k, break out the diamond tierra’s there is going to be a ball at the mansion tonight!!!

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Awwww, Dutchess is missing her own party! She must be taking the weekend off or something.

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Oops, late to the par-tay. Congratulations, @Dutchess_III! Welcome to the mansion.

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What party, where? Drat.
Congratulations DutchCat!

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OMIGOSH! Im so happy to meet you, Dutchess!!! All my congrats! (clink glasses)

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I’m so senile and late. But congratulations my wis-buddy.

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@zen LOL!

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Every time I see this Q, I think ”Kneel before Zod!” and then I laugh.

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Kansas, as big as you think !!

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Yaayyy. She made it at last!!!

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LOL you guys! I’m blushing!! I can’t stay long enough to personally thank each of you, but I’ll do it first chance I get!

@Rarebear You’re mean! ((( )))

Thanks @Adirondackwannabe!

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Hugs ((( ))) @WillWorkForChocolate! Thanks for the party! It’s OK if you just leave the lights off, though. I think I don’t want to see this…wait. What do you mean the lights are on??? WAAAAAHHHHH!!

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That’s right, Dutchy, we’re all NEKKED and running around flashing you. You may feel the need to bleach your eyes, but I felt this would be the most fun way to welcome you! Come on, have some chocolate and champagne and drop the robe! We all know you wear thong underwear anyway…

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I’m only 2 days late: Congratulations @Dutchess_III!

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I. Do. Not. Wear. Thong. Underwear. pfffffffft! I’ll just stay blind, thenk you!
Thanks @erichw1504

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Eeeee! I missed the partay! Congratulations Dutchess :)

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Thanks @Seelix! (Don’t feel bad…I missed it too!!)

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You most certainly DO wear a thong. You showed it to me that one night after you had too many jello shots.

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Did not!
This is depressing…I can’t even make it to my own party!
Thanks you guys!

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LOL :p We kept the best beer for you. ^^

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And the best nakey bits, too.

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Oh gawd Auggie!! I seriously just got the patches off my eyes yesterday! Here we go again!

What kind of beer @Symbeline???

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@Dutchess_III I got Guinness!! :D

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Guinness! You girls do well :) I’d give up one of meals in order to drink a Guinness. Maybe.

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@Dutchess_III As many as I could get my hands on! Enough for anyone who wants one ;)

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I brought Darugar’s Ale. You drink it in the skulls of your fallen enemies! It’s awesome. :D

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@Symbeline LOL, give us one!

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@queenie But I want way more than ONE!!!

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Okay, okay, keep your socks on your highness. There. I got you a whole case. I’m gonna go crash now but enjoy the party

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