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Any best protein powder which tastes great?

Asked by paulinehale42 (2points) May 10th, 2011

I bought protein powder but i don’t like its taste. Anyone knows any protein powder which tastes great?

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The vanilla flavor from Trade Joe’s is pretty good if you mix it with Lemonade.

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My mother has settled on the chocolate flavor of whey protein powder from Trader Joes. She will actually drive to the next town over to get some if her local TJ’s runs out.

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We use a whey protein called
BSN: Syntha-6.
It has a smooth texture and comes in yummy flavors. We have chocolate peanut butter at the moment.
We get ours from smoothie factory.

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Honestly they all taste pretty gross. That’s why you’re supposed to mix them with stuff.

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My husband likes chocolate from GNC. It’s called Amplified Wheybolic Extreme 60.

Be really careful about thos protein drinks some of them are incredibly high in cholesterol, and then if you are weight training you are probably eating a ton in your diet also. I recommend having your cholesterol checked. Some people have good genes and the cholesterol is not a problem, but the majority of the people I know who eat high protein and weight train have very very bad cholesterol numbers.

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This stuff is really good.

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Beneprotein is flavorless. I’ve had it in a smoothie and couldn’t tell it was there; supposedly you can add it to water and won’t notice the difference. I haven’t done this yet so I can’t personally vouch for it.
Prostat is a liquid; added to orange G2 it tastes like orange sherbert. It’s actually delicious.

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