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What chemistry experiments did you do in school ?

Asked by Hibernate (9058points) May 10th, 2011

I’m sure some think about them after a few years.
Maybe you didn’t do any.
Maybe you did a lot.
Maybe you remember some and would like to share.
Maybe you wanted to do some but your teacher wouldn’t let you.

Discuss a bit please ^^

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The ones I remember best are the ones we were not supposed to do. I have no idea how, but we produced a green flame in one of our spontaneous experiments. I have no idea what all we combined, the chem teacher didn’t keep the chemical closet locked like he was supposed to.

And a pea sized hunk of pure sodium should never be added to a gallon of distilled water. Even if you put it in a timed release capsule first.

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The only one I remember was in Genetics, where we did some sort of genetic testing where you see which line goes fastest through the white paste. I’m sure you’re all familiar with that…

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We did a LOT of titrations. Holy crap, if I never titrated again in my life I’d be fine with it.

I also remember a paper chromatogram lab, and one involving releasing all the butane gas from a lighter into a flask to determine its density or something? And one involving the production of a precipitate… it was only two years ago but all I can really remember is all the freaking titrations.

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I had a great Honors Science class in HS. 45 minutes Physics and 45 minutes Chemistry. In the Physics time, we assembled an internal combustion engine and in Chem, we distilled ethanol to fuel it. We had a big pizza party when we got it all working together.

Ah. Nerd fun.

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Phase change experiments with paradichlorobenzine. Yep they don’t do that any more.
Wave diffraction/interference demonstration. @Mariah yes lots of titrations!

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I went to school back in the days when Chemistry was fun. We made Ammonium Dichromate volcanoes, made oxygen and hydrogen balloons and set them on fire, made gunpowder with strontium nitrate to produce a red flame, etc.
Alcohol lamps , Bunsen burners, chemicals and advanced placement teenage boys. What a combo.

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I traded spit with Sally Mae Jenkins.

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In grade school I made the every popular baking soda and vinegar rocket.

Now, I didn’t actually try to, but I hit a Nun with the rocket!

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We found unknowns, and all that mathematical sort of shit like applying stoichiometry and titrations. I had little interest in chemistry going into the class, and now I have none whatsoever. And all because of my goddam teacher! The other chemistry teacher is a fantastic teacher!

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I’m in a Chemistry class now. We just finished exploding diet coke and mentos. Some labs that I remember were:
1. One where you had various liquids that you put together to form a precipitate.
2. Examples of 5 types of reactions—Combustion by Ethyl Alcohol and a Match is one I can remember off hand because it exploded haha.
3. Many where we but a match in a jar full of hydrogen (upside down) and made a pop noise.
I could list so many more but I’m really tired and still have homework.

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I was quite the expert at singeing my eyebrows, those bunsen burners can be tricky little buggers.

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