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What is your favorite board/cards/dice game?

Asked by poisonedantidote (21648points) May 14th, 2011

As some of you may already know, I recently started a new job as a hotel entertainment manager.

I have decided to build up a collection of games, and would like some suggestions from people as to what kind of games you like.

So far we have:

4 x Chess
4 x Checkers
2 x Backgammon
2 x Poker Sets
1 x Boggle
1 x Rummycub (numbers version)
1 x Scrabble
1 x Yhatsi
1×1000 piece puzzle
1 x Jenga

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Monopoly is always fun.

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backgammon, stratego, 500 rummy, hearts, scrabble, monopoly, risk, go fish

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I’m a bit of a traditionalist, I guess, but Monopoly always does it for me.
Like @Michael_Huntington says. Damn, I’m always a second late…

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I think you need more than one Scrabble! :D

I like cribbage.

How many decks of regular cards do you have? People like to play gin and hearts and spades and so on.


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@aprilsimnel Cards are not a problem, we have a giant box with over 5k new decks.

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I like all the old time, original games like Scrabble, Yahtzee and Monopoly. I am not much of a card player. Also Trivial pursuit and ‘Fact or Crap’ as well as Pictionary. Great fun, especially when having a few cocktails too! lol

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Most of the games I like area bit complex for casual play unless you have played them for long enough that the rules are almost second nature to you, so I think my faves (Car Wars, BattleTech,and_Magic_) may not suit your purposes.

However, Chez Geek is pretty simple to pick up and Pimp:The Backhanding is actually designed to be played when you are sloshed, though it’s not exactly family-friendly. If you want something a bit unconventional, yet simple and inoffensive (as opposed to Pimp) then I think Chez Geek:House Party might be a good one.

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Beyond Balderdash
Military Whist
3d Puzzles
Connect 4
War of the Worlds board game
I have alot of the ones already mentioned above but didn’t want to repeat.

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Dice games. Some I’ve enjoyed are Liar’s Dice, Bunco, Dice-1000 aka 6-Dice (my favorite).

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On a side note, just came to mind. I bought my daughter ‘Operation’ when she was about 6.
I loved that game as a kid in the 60’s. She, on the other hand, was terrified and told me years later how she was traumatized by that game.

Poor baby, shock the monkey! LOL

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Clue is always popular, yes?

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how bout some games for kids like Candy Land? or Kids’ Monopoly?

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Trivial Pursuit in its many varieties.
Chinese Checkers for kids
Pickup sticks for kids
Marbles, Jacks for kids.

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Beergammon and miniature-miniature golf. XD

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My favorite board games are Risk, Chinese Checkers, and Scrabble.

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(NSFW). Naked Crisco Twister

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I love Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit, Pictionary.

My favorite card games are pinochle and cribbage.

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I think Pictionary is a really good idea for your job.

The card games I like most are Canasta and Euchre.

Backgammon is good, I love scrabble, and also rummykub is easy to learn.

Is there Scrabble in Spanish? You would need a lot of vowels.

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Scattergories, Taboo…

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@blueiiznh I am in for that game with all the bits and pieces touching, especially if we add some drizzled chocolate. After all twister is a plastic sheet and can be whiped up easily.

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Welcome to my surgery!
I always had fun playing Operation, even though I was no bloody good at it :¬(

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@ucme lol! Me too ;)
I like Scrabble and Snap.
Dominoes will be a wicked idea too!

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@queenie Bloody buzzer always made me jump, even when I knew it was coming. Arrrgh!!

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Apples to Apples is my current fav.

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Risk is my favourite board game.

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Games we made sure were at the new house:

a deck of cards for my favorite card game (Pitch)
and, of course, Trivial Pursuit

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1 Balderdash
2 Pictionary
3 Articulate
4 Mastermind
5 Othello

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Yes No game – you can’t say yes or no. Our set came with a bell and cards with the questions, though you can just make up your own questions. Good fun.

Ditto all the others mentioned except monopoly. Can’t stand the game.

Did anyone say Articulate? You have to describe a word without saying the word. That’s good fun too.

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