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What do you think about this conversation (details inside)?

Asked by Mimishu1995 (23566points) July 1st, 2015

(Translated from a Facebook’s string of replies).

Replier 1: Actually you can’t stop a person from falling in love with anyone. They may even fall in love with a relative and we can’t stop them because how can you force a person to give up a feeling?
Back to the topic, I would rather compare the acceptance of same-sex marriage with that of pedophilia and zoophilia.

Replier 2 (the OP of the status): What you mean by the last statement?

R1: zoophilia, phedophilia and homosexuality are all natural human features. People don’t choose to have them. And apart from these, people with any of these features are perfectly normal and can function normally in society.

Replier 3: But in the US they prohibit zoophilia.

R1: The whole world prohibits it, not just the US.

R3: Actually I find zoophilia so gross. Isn’t raping a non-consensual animal so horrible?

R1: In the part they found two men having sex equally gross too. And now they allow it. People’s moral standard change with time you know.

R2: But human’s evolution has to turn to the better, not to the worse. Anything good for humankind will be kept, the others can disappear.

R3: So according to you, one day even necrophilia and sadism will be allowed right?

R1: @R3 Sure! One day :)
@R2 What kind of evolution? Since the time when human first appeared the ultimate aim of sex has been to keep humankind exist. Homosexuality can’t produce any offspring so how can you call it “evolution”?

R1: I’m not an expert, so I’m going to answer based on my experience. In fact the world is facing the problem of over-population, so same-sex marriage won’t affect much to the population.
As for pedophilia, it isn’t accepted because it has something to do with children’s right. Suppose a person has pedophilia, it means they loves sex with children right? So one day when the child grows up they will go find another child?

R1: The rise in population doesn’t depend on how many children are born. It depends on the percentage of people being born and people dying.
As for zoophilia and phedophilia, there is a lot of controversy surrounding them, so right now they aren’t accepted.
I’m personally neither for or against same-sex marriage because it doesn’t affect me. I just try to discuss the outcome of the acceptance of same-sex marriage.

What do you think about this conversation?

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Sounds like something Donald Trump would say.

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I feel like my brain needs a shower.

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free running conversation among intelligent people

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What if the animals consensual? would it be okay then? :P anyways i agree with R1

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I think you need some new Facebook friends.

Or maybe just leave Facebook alone for a while.

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It sounds like someone falling down the proverbial slippery slope while trying to drag other people down it with him, without a paddle. Or something like that.

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A demonstration of how logical fallacies can prevent meaningful and constructive argument

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I think click right past it.

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Smells like Fluther spirit, here we are now…

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The conversation itself is the sort of thing you would expect from young people or adolescents casually discussing sex and its aspects. It isn’t profound or illuminating dialogue by any stretch of the imagination. It reads like the transcript of a wire tapped conversation of 3 teenagers.

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A perfect illustration of why I rarely participate in Facebook.

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