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Has anyone received numerous letters from the IRS?

Asked by rawpixels (2658points) April 24th, 2008

I’ve been going through hell with the IRS since 2005 over taxes I don’t owe. I constantly receive letters in the mail telling me that I need to pay a certain amount, etc. I’m still in the process of settling this and/or resolving it. I’m curious if anyone else here has gone through the same ordeal?

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I have! Its like theyre totally after me and everyone I know!!!

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It’s very frustrating. Damn IRS. If the IRS is reading this, don’t mind the “damn” part. I was kidding.

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The IRS is one of the stupidest agencies we have. They employ stupid people and they don’t hold them accountable for errors. I get the same exact letter every year telling me I owe them many thousands of dollars in penalties for not having filed an for extension that I must be granted – routinely, legally, and reasonably – because of a timing glitch in a trust I have that can’t be resolved before April 15. I always file for the extension in plenty of time, and I always get my taxes worked out and paid on time within the extension. Six months later I start to get the threatening letters. Then I make the (about) nine phone calls. On the ninth phone call (typically), the person on the other end can be persuaded to LOOK IN THE FILE UNDER MY NAME, whereupon, as if miraculously, they find the extension request. Note: when the IRS grants an extension, they don’t let you know. You have to take it on faith. Note #2: In no instance has the person finding the extension request in the file ever told me they’re sorry they sent me threatening letters.

I am very willing to pay taxes. I believe in taxation. I pay what I owe.
But God damn the IRS and its fatheaded minions to hell.

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