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What's a free alternative application to CandyBar?

Asked by xTheDreamer (897points) May 21st, 2011

I wanted to change my icons on my Mac and I found out that with CandyBar you can do so and more but the thing is I don’t have the money/want to pay $29.99 almost $30 for the application.

So I was wondering what’s a free alternative to CandyBar, I’ve googled searched this but they gave me results that I can’t even download. Such as iCustomize and LiteIcon are no longer available when I went to download them :/

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To be honest, there really isn’t one.

If you do want a clear explanation of how to change your icons manually, though, google is pretty good for that, otherwise ask here and I can write you up an explanation.

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@Randy beat me too it.

As long as you have the image file that you want to replace the icon with, it’s possible.

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