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What season and episode do Mulder & Scully finally "get together"?

Asked by dayeshere (214points) April 24th, 2008 from iPhone
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That’s the X-Files… Define better next time.

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I’ll summon an x-files x-pert…

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“get together” means a great many things.

No one really knows when Mulder and Scully actually conceived but it would have to be somewhere around late season 6.

In the first film, Carter teases us with an “almost” kiss, but all suggestions and tension aside, Carter finally closes the lid in the last episode of Season 8. Its a beautiful and in my (and the majority of the x-philes out there) opinion should have ended the series, alas they didnt but the final moment of Season 9 is worth the sludge a Mulder/Scully fan must go through.

Thank you, Delirium, for informing me of this question.

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iPhone stopped my post short. Sorry.

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It’s ok I’m learning alot as you go.

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I’m a hopeless X-Files encyclopedia.

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correction: the immaculate conception could also be season 7

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Wow Riser, you sure do your X-Files homework, dont’cha?

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@Riser: Are we talking about Scully being pregnant? If so, don’t we find out that she is pregnant at the end of Season 7? And she must be pretty fairly early on, so my guess would be that she got pregnant sometime in season 7. And then in Season 8 there are all those “flashback” episodes where she is asking Mulder to be a donor (and they gave her her short hair for those episodes, so we would think that the scenes were happening a while ago).

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If you recall it is mentioned, in one of the flashbacks, that sperm donation failed. It is shortly after this, chronologically that the two had sex, however… According to Carter… Mulder is missing for three months, and Scully has her baby about two months after that which would put the conception at around late season 6, also because a full season does not mean a full year in the X-Files universe.

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Riser: Ok, I remember that. I guess if your do the math like that, that would make sense. I bow before your X-Files Fanaticism. And I thought I was obsessed. ;-)

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Actually William was conceived in “All Things” in season 7, episode 17. This was the first time Mulder and Scully, “got together”.

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I think it happens in “All Things”.

And I also think that they kissed for the first time in “Millennium”, season 7.

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