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What exactly is expected for people to know?

Asked by Ltryptophan (10191points) May 28th, 2011

I offer as an example. The doors to a business like Wal-mart. People are expected to know how to enter and exit the building are they not? This is a certain expectation.

People are expected to know that they must obey certain basic laws I won’t bother enumerating, but someone might if they think one lies slightly obscure but ought be known.

An easy test for this category is if you met someone operating outside this parameter you would be sure to correct them, or at least look on them like a three legged duck.

Oh and this goes for information not just actios. Like who the president is… What day it is…

If we take nothing for granted, what should we certainly expect others to know perfectly well?

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I expect all parents to know that if their child is crying or screaming in the movie theater, they should remove said child from the movie theater immediately.

I expect all people to know it’s disgusting to pick your nose in public.

I expect all people to know it’s disgusting to pick your wedgie in public.

I expect all people to know it’s disgusting to try and swallow your S/O’s face in public.

I expect all parents to know if their child is sick, to not take said child to school and expose all the other kids to said child’s illness.

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I expect people to be literate on at least a middleschool level.

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I suspect that a friend of mine didn’t know Apartheid ended in South Africa. Things like that and the collapse of the Soviet Union seem like people should know. I mean, I think people should know a lot of historical stuff they don’t, and I blame schooling for that, but certain things are just unacceptable not to know.

I guess people are expected to have certain basic social skills.

@Ltryptophan The average American, sadly, isn’t. Or maybe the standard finally got up to that level, I haven’t heard stats in a few years. Last I heard it was equivalent to a third or fourth grader. We also have an abysmally low books read per year rate: 2.

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I expect people to know their basic vital information: Address, Phone number (they don’t know it because they don’t dial it), SS#, etc.

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How to say No.
How to ask for help.

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If you’re going to slow down to 5MPH to complete a turn, get off the road and onto the shoulder!

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The list is too long, there is no end to it. Re. the example you gave, it depends how new the person is to the region, and how quick the person is to pick up things. Like if you go to one country you better not make an “Okay” sign with your index finger and thumb. People learn as they go. As long as they don’t mean to offend or as long as it is an innocent error….

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I expect people to use logic and common sense when laws and regulations get in the way. For example: break a law to save a life.

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The Turing test is the standard test for determining if a computer has achieved consciousness. The test is fairly simple. A person communicates via terminal with both the computer and a human and has to determine which is which. Some computers have been able to fool some people, but most know who the person is.

If we knew everything that we are supposed to know, we would be able to program a computer to pass the Turing test.

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