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How long do you wear a pair of underwear for?

Asked by deni (22665points) May 28th, 2011

Be honest! Your gender would be helpful as well. I’m curious. Thanks.

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One day max. Point Blank. I am female and it just feels gross to wear underwear for too long.

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0 seconds. Male.

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One day. Less if I have to switch due to exercise. Male.

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No more than 24 hours.

All man.

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I’m a female and cannot, will not, wear them more than once.

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One day. I’m a dude.

I’m pretty consistent about changing my underwear every day, no matter what time of the day I take a shower (though it’s usually in the morning). Sometimes if I don’t take a shower for a day, I’ll get lazy and not change my underwear, but that’s usually only on relaxing lazy weekends. Otherwise, I change it every day and the lack of underwear in my drawer is a good indicator of when it’s time to do the laundry…

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Change twice a day. One in the morning to go to work. Second when I take a shower before I go to bed. When I don’t take a shower at night, I still change to a fresh pair of UW.

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I don’t wear undies.

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at least 5 years.

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Female.. once or twice a day, depending on whether I work or not. I’ll put on a new pair for work and then another new pair after I shower. I figure I’m in the post-shower undies for a good length of time (14-ish hours?) and I like to swap out for fresh ones.

Why do you ask?

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Maybe on my head when camping on a cold night otherwise commando all the way.

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Usually 12 hours. Hunk. lol

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Once a day. Put em on in the morning, take them off before bed, and repeat. I might get lazy on weekends and just not wear any.

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Until they wear out.

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It doesn’t bother me to go a few days if I can’t get to a shower. I don’t change them unless I shower. I stopped peeing my pants months ago and I know how to wipe properly so I don’t think I am wrapped in filth. I mostly sit at a desk and I don’t really sweat.

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I’m female and I wear my undies for no longer than one day. I am happier if I can change them at least once in a twelve hour period though.

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I am incredibley fussy about having clean smalls, so a nice fresh pair on after my morning shower, then another nice fresh pair on after my evening shower. First thing I do when I get home from work, hug and kiss hubby and Jadie and then hop in the shower. My work day just doesn’t feel like it’s over till I get rid of that uniform and am in my lovely comfy jammies. So, twice a day, honey and I’m a little female bunny :-)
huggles xx

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I change at least once a day. If I am going out after having been at work, I will change. Really, if I take a pair off to have a shower, I put fresh underwear on. I am female.

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Male. 12 hours. Morning shower with clean undies and I’m good for the day. Evening shower with clean undies and I’m good for the night.

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I possess a swinging dick, it likes to “roam free!”
Should’ve named me Nicholas Ball ;¬}

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I change mine at least once a day. Each and every morning for sure, and sometimes also at night if I shower before bed (which I often do during the summer). I’m female. It feels gross not to wear clean underwear every day, but I don’t know if I feel that way because of societal norms or because I lived with subpar hygiene as a kid (thanks mom) and slightly overcompensate for it now. I also can’t sleep if I don’t brush my teeth and wash my face before bed.

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I don’t wear any.

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Twice a day, once after the morning shower, and once for the evening shower. I’m a female.

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I am kinda shocked at how often people change their underwear. Or, I should say, I’m surprised so many of you change them more than once a day! Lordy…

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Every year on my birthday. I love hygiene.

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Between bathing or significant sweats. Everyday day after first shower then after shower when I come home or even if I don’t shower, I’ll put on a fresh pair and change into “house clothes” or pj’s.

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I put a fresh pair on every morning after my shower, and then off at bedtime.

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