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Ladies - What's your make-up routine?

Asked by livelaughlove21 (15623points) December 6th, 2012 from iPhone

I actually have a reason for asking this question, involving a beauty site I’m doing some research for, in case anyone is wondering. No names will be used.

First of all, tell me your age (if you’re comfortable doing so), your skin type (oily, dry, acne prone), and when you wear make-up (every day? only to work or on special occasions?).

Now, on an average day, tell me your make-up routine.

- What products do you use?
– Do you use specific application techniques?
– How long does your routine take?
– Does your application change based on mood/occasion/time or is it always the same?
– What brands of make-up do you love? Hate?
-Why do you wear make-up?

Here’s mine to start us off:
– I’m 23, I have dry acne prone skin (God help me), and I never leave the house without make-up on.
– I start by washing my face, applying a layer of DDS Amplifying Elixr, then a layer of Aveeno Clear Complexion facial moisturizer and let it dry.
– I apply a layer of Clinique BB Cream all over my face as a primer (with my fingers) and let it dry.
– I apply Clinique Acne Solutions Foundation with a blending brush all over my face and blend it into my neck.
– I use my fingers to apply Clinique Advanced Concealer under my eyes, along my brow bone, and on any blemishes, blending well.
– I use a blush brush to apply cream blush to my cheeks, starting at my hair line and blending down along my cheek bone toward the center of my face.
– I set the face make-up with Clinique Almost Powder using a fluffy powder brush in dabbing motions.
– I prime my eyelids with Two Faced shadow primer, using my fingers.
– My shadow technique varies depending on mood or occasion, but I’ve been using Maybelline Color Tattoo gel eyeshadow paired with a shimmery Loreal shadow and a highlighting color along my brow bone and inner corners of my eyes. I use a shadow brush and my fingers for this.
– I apply a nude colored eyeliner along my waterline, a soft line of black liner on my lower lash line, and liquid liner on the top lash line.
– I curl my lashes and apply BadGal mascara to my upper and lower lashes.
– Lately I’ve been using Mac lipstick in Hue with a bit if a gloss on top.

Needless to say, I LOVE make-up. I spend way too much time (15 minutes a day) and money (damn you Sephora!) on it and I’m a loyal Clinique user, though I love all the other products I mentioned as well. I wear make-up because it makes me feel good about myself.

I’m excited to hear about your routines and see how it differs from mine and the other responses I’ve collected.

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Oo ok! I’m 23. I have dry skin and live in a dry place but I’ve found a lotion that works for my face and I stay very moisturized so that’s not usually a problem. I am not really acne prone. I wash my face and use this Ponds face lotion that I have (it isn’t expensive or fancy but it works the best for me and I will probably never stop using it). I have a concealer stick, probably from Maybelline, that I basically use to even out my complexion. I have a good amount of small moles on my face that I used to hate, now I like them, but still some of the lighter ones I like to just “even out” a bit and I am prone to redness here and there and my nose gets cold VERY EASILY so it’s red often too which I also hate, people have insisted it’s cute but I’ll always be self conscious about it. Anyhow, so the concealer stick. And then since in the summer my skin gets a lot darker, I just use a powder bronzer all over to even things out, obviously right now I’m not getting much sun so I’m lighter so I just use less. It still works perfectly and it only takes 2 seconds. Occasionally I put on some light blush that I have, it’s this new spongy stuff, kinda weird, don’t know who makes it. But I like it a lot and I like the rosy look. Then I curl my eyelashes and put on mascara, very very rarely wear eyeliner but every once in a while. That’s it, it takes about 3 minutes, maybe 5.

I leave the house without makeup on and like I said before, in the summer my skin is naturally very nice and glowy so I tend to go makeup free a lot more then. But in the cooler less sunny months I do usually wear makeup when I leave the house, just to even me out and having really clear nice even skin does make me feel better about myself than when my nose is all red and there’s a million little tiny scars on my face everywhere from me being a crazed “picker” lol.

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I have drier skin in the winter. I just use my shower soap which is a acv vinegar water and essential oil blend exfoliating once a week with a glove. I use witch hazel during the day as needed usually with lavender thrown in.
I pluck my eyebrows and oil of olay moisturizer or calendula cream if dry. Thinking about changing moisturizer’s though
I pluck my eye brows or check them. I don’t always bother with make up though sometimes I use mascara (need to find a new brand, I have long thin spikey eyelashes and any lengthener can make them easily too long as in hitting my skin. I prefer a black gold or brown and no waterproof please. A light powder eyepowder. I usually go for creams browns or golds and greens or sometimes a hint of blue. I love mineral wear.
If I am going for more polished I use mineral powder or trublends to get a natural look. I love bronzer now to sculpt my face. I like white eyeliner when look tired.
I avoid all the more skilled applications because well I don’t do it enough to be comfortable or for it to look good and I think it can easily be overdone by less then a skilled hand. When I go out out with friends they usually do my eyes.
For lips I am easy going anything that works with my coloring. I usually lose lipglosses or chapsticks and the long lasting ones dry my lips. When I go all out it’s somewhere between 5 to 10 minutes.

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@rosehips I have never understood waterproof mascara.

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@deni it is truly wretched stuff. Even with make up remover it is torture.

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Age – 44

When – about 3 times a week because I am not working now. I put on make-up when I go out of the house, but generally not for grocery shopping, exercising, nor errands like picking up laundry at the dry cleaner. I would wear it if going to the mall to shop, meeting friends for a meal or going to the doctor (unless I were sick with a cold or flu).

Make-up routine – If I am making up I generally get all made up, the only thing that varies is how much eye liner and how clumpy the mascara.

What products do you use? Face lotion to start. Foundation. Blush. Eyeliner (sometimes two colors. Definitely cake liner on top eyelid, if glamming up pencil liner on the bottom and an addition of wet eyeshadow or other liner on the bottom). Eye shadow. Actually, if I am using that color eye shado for bottom liner, the shadow on top first, and then the liner last, because I wet it to line. Mascara (I really like Lancome Definicils then topped with Intensils, but I recently bought a MAC mascara to try. If it works out it will save me some money). Lipstick (sometimes lipliner and lipgloss).

Do you use specific application techniques? Nothing out of the ordinary. I have some brushes that are very good. A MAC eyeliner brush that I love and a Chanel blush contour brush that is amazing. Plus, a Paula Dorf eyeshadow contour. I have other brushes for eyeshadow also, and various others that I don’t always use, but those three are the most notable.

How long does your routine take? 5–10 minutes, usually 5.

Does your application change based on mood/occasion/time or is it always the same? More liner for evening, fancy occasion, or at times I just feel like it. If I am short on time I just rush through it more.

What brands of make-up do you love?
Chanel eye shadow, lipstick, lipgloss, eyeliner. For heavy perfect foundation coverage Chanel is best, but I don’t usually use it.

MAC eye shadow, compact cream foundation, lipgloss, and currently trying mascara.

Lancome eye shadow, mascara, eyeliner, lipliner, blush

Clinique cake liner and one other cake liner that is actually better, but I cannot think of the name right now. It’s in a square burgandy compact.

Hate? Unless they have improved it Clinique eyeshadows suck. A lot of drug store brand eye shadows are terrible also. Both barely have any pigment. Lauder lipsticks tend to have a lot of taste, which I am not keen on, although I like some of their lipsticks in terms of consistency and color. A lot of make-up lines have a yellow based color in their foundations, I blame Bobby Brown for that. I am not yellow. I also like a matte finish for foundation, and many are dewy it is frustrating.

Why do you wear make-up? To look pretty, to look healthy, and to be taken seriously.

To remove make-up I use one of those make-up wipe-off pre-soaked thingies.

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- What products do you use?

Almond oil mixed with essential oils.

– Do you use specific application techniques?

Yes, massage and lymyph drainage

– How long does your routine take?

Two minutes in the morning, sometimes five minutes in the evening (the massage)

– Does your application change based on mood/occasion/time or is it always the same?

Yes, most days I prefer no makeup, I hate mascara with a passion. But if I want to pretty up, I will wear full face makeup with eyeshadow and liner, foundation, glow products, silicone, lipstick and lipgloss no mascara.

– What brands of make-up do you love? Hate?

I used to be a Dior, Chanel die hard. Times change.

-Why do you wear make-up?

To make me look well, and alive. Or if occassion demands to look like a tart.

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I am 26 years old and I don’t really know what my skin type is. It’s not oily, particularly dry or acne prone so I’m not sure how to answer this part of the question, are there any other options? I wear makeup on most days but try to go barefaced on Sundays as that’s the only day of the week I don’t work.

I use eye shadow, eyeliner, mascara and lipbalm, most of it is from The Body Shop but I think my mascara is Revlon at the moment, I can’t remember. I do my makeup after my shower but always cleanse my face first.

I don’t have any application “techniques” other than the obvious. I always put my eyeshadow on first, then the eyeliner and then the mascar. Lips get done last. I don’t use anything on the rest of my face so it usually takes me 10 minutes tops.

It usually stays the same,I sometimes change the colour of the eyeshadow slightly but that’s about it.

Ideally I would always and only use Body Shop products as they are definetly my favourites but if I end up with others (ie as birthday or christmas presents).

I wear makeup because I like to enhance my eyes.

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Wash face with warm washcloth and dab a little Johnson’s Baby Shampoo on eyelids. Use Oil of Olay moisturizer with sunblock

Some lip balm.

Years ago I decided that I didn’t need to apply a mask to a perfectly fine face to hide it from the world.

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@Leanne1986 Of course there are other options! Combination and normal are the major ones I didn’t mention.

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I’m 18 and my skin is rather easy to handle….
In the morning, I use an apricot cream from a brand called Florena, then I put on a thin layer of Maybelline Jade dream matte mousse make up, then put on mascara, also from Maybelline Jade, called Collossal Volume Express….. that’s it, and to get rid of it at the end of the day I use some shower gel and water while I’m in the shower anyway.

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@scuniper I envy you! At 18, my acne was at its worst. My skin breaks out so easily – I have to use all non-comedegenic products. Going without make-up would be easier, but I look dead without it.

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@livelaughlove21 I don’t know what my skin type is, I think normal probably!

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Wearing makeup is not really common in the Philippines that’s why I don’t really wear makeup. People here are more on skin whitening lol. I do not apply anything on my facial skin except baby powder from time to time if my face gets kinda shiny. But I do curl my lashes, apply mascara and lipstick at times. I’m still on the process of learning to use eyeliner. My skin is not pretty though because I have dark circle under my eyes. I’ve tried a lot of whitening eye creams but the effects are minimal. I’m still happy though because at least there’s improvement. I’m currently using Olay eye cream. I’m still learning when it comes to makeup to be honest. I want that when I will attend some very important occasions I can do my makeup on my own.

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