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Does anyone like to discuss old questions?

Asked by Babo (1803points) April 25th, 2008

Or do they seem like old news?

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I often come across older interesting questions, and consider posting to it, but It’s really very hard to tell since there’s no date stamp on the answers – only the question, so you don’t know if the last post is from earlier today or 3 weeks ago (assuming the question’s more than 3 weeks old of course) and there’s no way to tell if you’re participating in an ongoing debate or re-opening something done and dusted.

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Wildflower phrased it perfectly.

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Babo agrees!!!

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I respond to old questions if I feel like I have something to contribute. I figure people will “quit following” a question if they are tired of it. In fact, it seems like we are encouraged to look at old questions.

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Yes, I have noticed hints at that…

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Wildflower and phoenyx have pretty much said it for me.

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I just joined, but I will answer older questions if I feel that I have something new or useful to add so that when someone else searches the archive, they can see my 2 cents.

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And it doesn’t mean you can’t ask it again. It’s just that some of us with long memories like to keep things tidy.

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And new members are always joining with new ideas

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I love reviewing old questions.

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If I haven’t read it yet then its new to me.

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No, I don’t like discussing old questions.
[Squints at date on question.] Wait a minute…

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I find this amusing, I just joined the site today (hmm, now you have a timestamp) and my first batch of ‘just for me’ questions included this one. I think that means the site does encourage such necromancy.

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