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What happens to the loser's cupcakes on Cupcake Wars?

Asked by Aethelwine (41352points) June 2nd, 2011

Cupcake Wars is a reality baking contest on Food Network. 4 bakers compete to make cupcakes with best taste and presentation. 3 rounds eliminate a contestant. The 2 finalists create a 1000 cupcake display. The winner gets to showcase their cupcake presentation at a major event and win $10,000.

What happens to the loser’s 1000 cupcakes?

please tell me they aren’t wasted

This can apply to any reality cooking contest. What happens with the finished product that isn’t given to a judge to eat?

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Probably thrown away. Or some hungry person eats them all.

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Maybe they call HungryGuy XD

The person who made it probably gets to keep it.

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I sincerely hope they’re donating the food somewhere. Unless it’s so bad it’s inedible.

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They prpbably get tossed then the hungry people dive the dumpster to get them. Why save them? We are in the USA the land of milk and honey, food is not for sustenance, that is for those other nations; the one’s not as good as us. Food here is just the fodder of celebration, entertainment, and comfort not to keep one alive. Where as some poor nation of Africa eat to live we live to eat. Good thing they don’t have TVs to see us waste all that food while their youngest is dying because they don’t even have a quarter slice of bread. We won’t even get the lawyers involved, if somone got a cup cake too many and got a tummy ache they would be trying to sue, it would be too little they got some free cup cakes but let one get sick even if it were not the cup cakes it is good enough to try and get a payday out of it.

Sorry if the sarcasm gives you cotton mouth but sarasm is the dish best served very dry

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They are donated to local shelters and food banks.

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I eat them.

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Epic cupcake fight?

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My friend was a driver for an FN show; The Next Food Network Star. He said all prepared food was given to the staff and crew and all unopened ingredients were taken to the local food bank.

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