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Favorite car camping within a two-hour drive of SF?

Asked by josh (17points) June 13th, 2007

We want to car camp for one or two nights and are looking for
a place that has showers and possibly a cafe on-site.

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big basin. also, a few lighthouses down the coast have youth hostels *and* camping.

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Big Basin is great. If you want sun, there's also Henry Coe State Park, and there's Hunter Liggett--which is an amazing place to see wildflowers in the spring. I just park on the side of the road, throw my bag out on the bulbous rocks and gaze up at the stars. You'll hear the occasional coyote.

Few people know this (shhh!), but there is actually car camping in San Francisco in the Presidio near the beach. It's called Rob-Hill. It may only be group camping now, not sure about that.

Also, there is car camping on Mt Tamalpais. Beautiful and not many people know about it.

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Samual taylon State park (on Sir Francis Drake Highway near Olema) has a nice campground.

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Half Moon Bay Pelican Point RV Park..the campground is okay but walking distance have awesome trails along the coast and walk behind Ritz Carlton Half Moon Bay. A great bonfire going and great sunsets sitting on adronack chairs open to the public. The Ritz is basically next door!

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