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Is there a legal form called 'The FreeWill Document' for one to sign (for the purpose of Intentionally Staying) prior to a Forced Evacuation or Martial Law?

Asked by dismusbeclyde (3points) June 4th, 2011

I was an Intentional Holdout during Katrina. The Friday of that weekend, I heard a short mention, on the radio, about a so called ‘FreeWill Document’ (to Stay), whereas you fill in & sign your vital SSN sort of information – that if you died as a result of the catastrophe – the government wasn’t responsible. My research online has been futile, – however – I did hear of a small group of 50 or more, in, I believe, Missouri (around 2008) that Refused to leave because of flooding and they all signed this mysterious document. Everyone’s lives are relative to various financial, logistical & social situations. Not all Acts of Nature are worthy of Forced Evacuations, but the Upper Hand of the Government is increasingly leaving the Individual without a Voice during such a sensitive time. One reason for some to stay, is simply to be an eye and ear for their various friend’s and family’s businesses and residences. Yes, they’re taking a chance but we’re taking numerous risks every day of our lives, just surviving the polluted, air, water and ground we travel each 24 hrs. that we’re granted. Thanks for your interest. Looking forward to all responses. . .

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I believe that the document would be about reducing litigation from family members. It doesn’t sound like it does anything besides that – of course, you don’t say whether there were people that were forced to leave if they didn’t sign the document (I doubt there would be…sounds like too much conflict to deal with). In the end, the choice to leave was the residents.

All that the forced evacuation does in most instances is simply deploy the government services to get people out. If they refuse the help, and stay, then it’s presumed that they waive claims against the government for anything that happens to them. If the government doesn’t deploy that help, and something happens, then the people will often hold that government responsible. The forms merely prove that they actually when to the people’s homes.

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I have never heard of these type of documents, but I agree it would be to protect the government from being sued. The recent floods along the Mississippi were mostly planned flooding, 100% certain areas would flood as the government purposefly opened the levees.

During a natural disaster where flooding or wind is not 100% certain or predictable, like in the case of a hurricane, I have never heard of these documents being used, even when areas are under evacuation.

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Also, I don’t know if anyone is forced to evacuate? During hurricanes in FL no one is forced, they are asked to evacuate. Once winds are sustained 40 MPH and higher absolutely no emergency vehicles will be allowed out. There is always someone calling into a radio station freaked they are going to die and wanting someone to come get them. No one is going to get them. After a direct hit almost always curfews are inforced, not sure if that is considered martial law? You have to have the curfews, not just to try and eliminate looting, but also because with electricity out all over cities, traffic intersections are a death trap. In the pitch black of night people blow through interesections without realizing, a horrible accident waiting to happen.

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