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Is it possible for anyone to become good at shooter games through practice?

Asked by pisewes (36points) June 5th, 2011

I’m a serious newbie at any shooter game. I always get killed dozens of times and I’d only get a kill when very lucky or when there’s another newbie like me online.

Will I get better through practice?

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yes you will, it happened to me :)

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Yes. It is inevitable, really.
As they say: ”Übung macht den Meister.”

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You’ll definitely improve over time. When I first played a shooter game, I hated it. I couldn’t get the hang of being in first person. My gun was always pointing at the ceiling or at the ground. It was super frustrating for me. But, with a bit of practice, it’s now easy and fun to play.

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Obviously yes. Train with bots to get the hang of the movement and shooting systems, once you’re capable of doing exactly what you’re thinking of doing you’re ready for online play.

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Yeah, course it is. Don’t despair, even Stevie Wonder can own in team deathmatch ;¬}

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You will get better with practice. It depends on what game you play also. Call Of Duty games you die a lot anyway because it is so easy to kill players in those games. I recommend Battlefield Bad Company 2 for a shooter that requires a bit more skill. Watch how the higher ranked players approach the game and emulate them. There are some videos on youtube also that can give you strategies to try.

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It’s the same as shooting real guns , we all suck in the beginning.

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