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Socks OR Sandals ?

Asked by The_Inquisitor (3158points) June 15th, 2011

It’s that time again, where you’ll find people wearing flip flops, flats, sandals, and being sock-less. Are you a still preferring socks, or being sock-less (flip flops, sandals, etc)? And why?

I do own some flats, flip flops that I’ll wear if I’m too lazy to grab some socks, but usually I’ll be wearing ankle cotton sports socks with my high top sneakers. That’s what I prefer.

Pardon the graphic image that may appear in your head, but my feet tend to get sweaty when I wear flats, and that’s quite uncomfortable to me. I even bought those soles to put in my flats to absorb sweat, but even that gets annoying and sometimes seems to increase the sweating. Ew? Any suggestions? And yes I do wash them often.

So, I’m a sock person. What’re you, and why? Do you find that flip flops and sandals are comfortable? Or?? Do you have sweaty feet issues too?! :S

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Complete edit of the original answer due to misreading the question and details.

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@Pied_Pfeffer, That’s not my question at all. it’s Socks OR no socks

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There’s a billboard in Florida of a pair of feet with socks and sandals. The caption says “Some things are Just Wrong” and then the logo for some surf shop is on it.
My answer? DITTO!!!!!!

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I’ll walk bare foot around the house or in the yard, as I sip on beer and listen to the symphony of the scavenger birds…damn creepy urban birds…

But otherwise, fuck sandals. Whatever time of the year it is, I always have my chunky boots on. And socks. Because socks are soft and comfy and I like them. I also wear creepy looking boots in the Winter, even if they’re not warm enough, because I’m an idiot.

I have sweaty feet issues too, maybe you can guess why as of now. I walk a whole lot too, which is why I prefer sturdy boots over sandals. They last longer and are more convenient for that, although a person who walks as much as I do should probbaly try runners.

But yeah, my feet are gross as shit. They’re full of hardened skin, always sweaty and they look like the Holocaust. No sandals for me. I tried them for a while, and I just hate how they come off so easily, or get all crooked and how stuff gets stuck in them, especially flip flops.
I love wearing stockings, but because my feet are such warlords, the toe and heel parts get ruined in seconds. :/

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@Symbeline, I also hate how little pebbles go into my sandals as I walk, and it’s much harder to start into a run, if i need to get away from something, or hurry across the street for a car to pass.

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@curiouscat Yeah, and you always have to stop and remove the pebble, branch or what have you, and slow everyone down. I really don’t like sandals.

They have those types where you can buckle them down good like, everywhere. But I really don’t like how they look. Some of those leather ones are probably way more resistant and convenient than your common pair of sandals though. But, so ugly lol.

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I LOVE bare feet in the summer but since establishments require footwear I will don a pair of “mandals”. Socks are just to confining and hot for sizzlin summer days.

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I like my Tevas, no socks. But I wear socks in crocks if I have to stand on a ladder for while.

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If at home, I am usually bare footed. I rarely wear any form of footwear at home, even in winter. If I go out, I might wear real sandles, like pretty little shoes with straps but not flip flops (thongs) because I hate the bit that goes between your toes but if I did wear thongs, I would NEVER, EVER wear them with socks. As the ad said, that’s just wrong. Shoes, depends on the style. If I am wearing nice court shoes or I think in the US they are called pumps, no socks of course. Perhaps stockings if it is cold but otherwise probably nothing. If I am wearing a full shoe, I would wear socks. I hope I answered this question….

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I am so confused. Or, maybe just learning something new. People with sweaty feet prefer socks? I would think just the opposite. Aren’t you more likely to get atheletes foot and other infections, like toenail infections, if you keep your hot feet all closed up in socks amd shoes?

Personally I switch to sandals and other open toe shoes, no socks, in the summer, unless I will be out at dusk, then many times I wear sneakers to avoid mosquito bites, depends on the circumstance.

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When it’s hot enough for sandals, it’s too hot for socks. I sweat easily. I go barefoot or wear sandals until it’s cold enough to put snow boots on.

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Indoors: No shoes year round. Outdoors, I’ll be wearing sandals for most of the summer. It’s too hot for socks. Unless you’re my significant other and cannot even go to bed without wearing socks. I don’t get it.

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sandals…no socks. barefoot whenever possible

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I love sandals, and never wear them with socks. Socks with sandals bugs me when it’s with a really cute, strappy, fashionable sandal (normally on women, but sometimes on men.) But if it’s worn with more of a utility sandal, I really don’t mind them on other people.

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@JLeslie, ah, hmm I suppose it does sound strange. For me personally, I find that my feet sweat more easily when wearing sandals or flats, but when I am wearing cotton socks, the socks are absorbing… that, or I don’t sweat with socks for some reason, or just don’t notice it… either way, I’m comfortable with socks.

I will be bare footed usually at home though.

To the beach, I’ll wear flip flops.

And sometimes just for my outfit’s sake, I’ll wear shoes that don’t require socks.

I don’t always wear socks, it will be depending on situation, location, mood, day, outfit. etc.

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I have big feet, and it’s hard to find socks for women that actually fit. I don’t like socks because the heel is in the wrong place or they put pressure on my toes that I don’t like. I have to wear socks at work but when I get home I peel them right off.

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@sliceswiththings Why not wear mens’s? I have some men’s socks.

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I own sandals, but prefer closed shoes. When I’m home, I’m barefoot from the moment I enter the front door, and keep backless clogs near the front and back doors in case I need to slip something on my fee to go outside. I wear clogs all year round.

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I won’t be seen dead in sandals or flippity faffy flumpy flippy flop flops XD
In the summer months I wear wellies & a raincoat…..only kidding, England Town does tend to have wet summers though. I’m an ankle socks & trainers man myself & no sweat issues for me!

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@ucme bet when it’s too cold for your raincoat, you wear a duffle coat with your wellies and go train spotting.

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@Bellatrix You’ve got to be fucking kidding me!! Those guys officially have no penis! Strange conclusion you have there, oh well, never mind.

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lol! Well it was just the visual with the raincoat and wellies… didn’t know train-spotting and raincoats removed your penis! You live and learn!

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Train spotters have no dick because they are bereft of any sexual urges & have the personality of a constipated sloth.

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Well I think we can safely say you have a personality and it isn’t of a constipated sloth. :-)

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Socks AND sandals for me. Oh yes.

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