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Why would a DVD hang up periodically in one player, and run smoothly in another?

Asked by Nullo (21916points) June 19th, 2011

Same DVD (which has a number of small surface scratches), same chapter. The former player is a repurposed PS2 game console, the latter a DVD/VCR combo that doesn’t talk to the remote anymore. The console is considerably older than the DVD/VCR, but has no problem playing the game that I bought for it, or a brand-new DVD. Leading me to suspect that the PS2 is a lot pickier about the quality of the disk.

And if any of you have suggestions for getting the remote to talk to the DVD player, I would like to hear them.

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My first guess on the “why” question would be that the lens on the PS2 needs to be cleaned.

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Or the PS2 is on its last legs and about to fail.

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PS2s have very old reader models, especially if we’re talking old monolith PS2s, and they have a very low tolerance to I/O errors.

I have a cracked PS2 and the only burned DVDs it reads are Verbatim DVD-R written at 4x speed.

So yeah, that’s why. It’s a very old console and it was one of the first DVD readers on the market, it’s kinda obvious it’s not going to be the best one around.

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I’d blame the machine that isn’t working… Maybe the lens needs to be cleaned.

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Regarding the remote: the first step is to see if the operating manual can be found on the web. Most modern day ones are.

That should give you the input codes for most brands of DVD/CD players.

Or if your brand isn’t listed, they usually give instructions on the sequence of buttons to push to put it in “learning mode”.

I’m assuming the remote is not the original one with the player but one of these multi purpose ones.

If it’s the original, I guess you could contact the company to buy a replacement. Or, if it’s an old one, use the search on either Craigslist or Ebay for someone selling it.

That’s my current dilemma for my really old GoVideo player after the remote is MIA. But it’s so old that I can buy another unit plus remote for about $20.00 or less.


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Some DVD players are more sensitive than others. Our old DVD player would play anything, even if it was badly scratched. The built-in player in our TV would freeze up, so we’d have to take the DVD out and go put it in our old player in the living room. Sadly, we’ve replaced the old one with a Blueray player and have had to replace some of our DVDs.

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