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Do you know how to re-use a grinder?

Asked by Sunny2 (18817points) June 21st, 2011

Pepper and some salts can be purchased in a grinder container so you can grind the amount you want to use. Is it possible to open those containers so they can be used with other spices?

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Usually they just unscrew. Do you have a photo of yours?

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@SpatzieLover I’ll try a stronger tool than just my hands to unscrew it. No, I don’t have a picture and no way of taking one. It’s clear plastic and I suspect it’s sealed with Crazy glue.

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Some grinders these days are one-use throwaways. Was it cheap? You may just have to buy another pre-filled one.

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It depends on if they are disposable grinders or not. The reusable ones either have a nut that can be unscrewed, or the part that turns will come off if you turn it the opposite way from the grind.

The disposables it is more trouble than it is worth to try to reuse them.

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I believe the disposable ones are snapped on and are not meant to be removed. Even if you can manage to remove it, the grinder mechanism is made of cheap plastic and is unlikely to last much longer that it’s original intended life span anyway.

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If it’s sealed, you’ll just have to purchase another grinder. If you decide to buy a salt grinder, it’s best to get one made with no metal parts that will touch the salt. The salt will corrode the metal, which then will end up in your food (not fun). Here’s a nice one that is refillable.

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