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What are the best spices to use when drying food?

Asked by Anatelostaxus (1428points) June 29th, 2010

Apart from salt, obviously…
Those that help preserve the foods longer.
( I intend to dry plenty of fruit, vegetables, meat and fish )

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Salt would be a prime candidate, as it draws water from the item thus preserving it.

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@ETpro Indeed, I agree.
what do you think about cloves… as long term disinfectants?

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I mean in addition to salt, in any case..

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Cinnamon on apples.

Sugar is a preservative, but I’m not sure how much of that you’d want to use. Most fruits have quite a bit of sugar in them, and it’s certainly concentrated when they’re dried.

I use garlic and onion salt on some veggies. Studies suggest that both of those help to inhibit mold.

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What do you want it to taste like?

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@Anatelostaxus Cloves are tasty and certainly pair well with some fruits. They are an anthelmintic and also contain an essential oil that is a pain killer. Because they are medicinally active, you would need ot use them in moderation. I don’t think they, alone, would preserve food other than keeping parasites out of it.

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@ETpro does that include trichinoid organisms?

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@dpworkin I sure wouldn’t bet my life on it. But you don’t get that parasite from fruit. Pork and wild game that are undercooked are the culprits.

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I was just curious because I had never before heard that cloves had any effect on any helminth.

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@dpworkin They are a fairly powerful medicinal herb. They have been used widely in dentistry. They help reduce infection in the mouth, so they do have antiseptic properties as well. And the oil is a good painkiller for a toothache.

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Wow, cool beans. I love learning new stuff.

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