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What is your favourite number and why?

Asked by flutherother (28637points) June 22nd, 2011

This question has been asked before but I ask it again as you may wish to take part in an online experiment regarding favourite numbers

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I like a lot of numbers, so I probably won’t suit your survey.

3, 9 and 18 are really good. I also like 42 a lot for some reason. If I have to say one I guess I’ll go with 18 at this point and time because it is lucky and means life. Lot’s of 18’s around me lately, hoping it means this is going to wind up being a really good year.

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I like 1 and 11, but I also like 7 and 10. No reason why I like these numbers. I just do. If I have to pick one, I will pick…

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12, I find it’s it’s divisibility aesthetically appealing as is it divisible by all but one of the positive whole numbers equal to or less than half it’s value.

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I can’t even remember why now, it’s been my fave for so long.

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@aprilsimnel Could it be because it’s divisible by all the positive whole numbers equal to or less than half it’s value? No? Just me?

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I shall answer the same as last time, 27 & 13 the dates of my kids birthdays, thirteen being my birthday too.

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@fundevogelEhhhhh, could be, doc!

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@fundevogel I’m not so keen on 12 because it has a lot of factors, I prefer numbers with few factors and my favourite number is 9. It is my birth month and it is only divisible by 3. Primes I don’t like so much, they feel too aloof.

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13 someone has to love it

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13 turns out to be fortunate for me more often than not. So @DrBill me too!
@flutherother the primes, especially the great big ones, seem lonely with noone to lean on don’t they?

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My favorite number? 42.

Why? 42.

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I’ll take 4, 4, 4, for my headache.


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37—I just like the sound of it.

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888 – lots of circles!

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A) my birthdate
B) it’s 2^3 * 3
C) it was Willie Mays’ number.

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26 has always been my brother’s favorite number, and now I’m on the bandwagon. My amazing address the past two summers is #26, good things happen on the 26th of months, I sort of fell in love with a 26-year-old last summer, and now I always choose airplane seat #26 for good luck!

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3. Born on the third of April, and I have an obsession with numbers which when stacked using dots, make a triangle. (It resembles an overhead view of bowling pins of varying numbers)
.00 = 3

.00000 = 10

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72. I don’t know why, I just like it.

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27. I don’t know why.

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@laineybug @Seelix lol. Maybe anything divisible by 9?

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I honestly don’t know why it became my favorite, but here are some neat things about the number (which I discovered later) which helped to solidify its position as one of my favorite numbers.
1) It’s prime
2) 1259 mod 1 = 0
3) 1259 mod 2 = 1
4) 1259 mod 3 = 2
5) 1259 mod 4 = 3
6) 1259 mod 5 = 4
7) 1259 mod 6 = 5
8) 1259 mod 7 = 6
9) 1259 mod 8 = 3 (oh well)
10) 1259 mod 9 = 8
11) 1259 mod 10 = 9
12) 1259 = 6^4 – 6^2 – 6^0
13) The first three digits of its Roman numerals are my initials
14) The sum of its digits (17) is also a prime number

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I like number one. It smells like fresh kettle corn.

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@Photosopher Do you have glyph-smell synesthesia?

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I’m not sure why exactly; it’s been my favorite number for as long as I can remember, but it may have something to do with the fact that as a kid, all the toys and the shows and the educational things would always go up to 10 only and perhaps I was intrigued by what was beyond that? I really don’t know.

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821 family reasons

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4 as well. It’s my birthday. Did @Adirondackwannabe already win?

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I like the round or curved numbers better than the sharp edges. I hate tricky 2 and 5.

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3 Since childhood, some numbers correlated with color. 3 was yellow, 4 was red, 6 was green, 2 was blue. I liked yellow and it was 3. I finally realized it was the spinner for board games that put the colors and number together in my mind.

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Wow, this is becoming interesting, mostly because of the synesthetes. @Sunny2 has grapheme->color synesthesia.

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@DominicX – Here’s a 70s-era logotastic visual prezzie for, you 11 lover, you!

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7 ..I don’t know why. It’s just always been my favourite.

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Has anyone noticed that the vast majority have a favorite number less than 32 (number of days in a month, plus 1)? And that no one has a favorite number between 100 and 800, or above 1500?

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@Prosb We have the same birthday!

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@PhiNotPi And they’re all whole numbers.

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@fundevogel I do like π especially apple π

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@PhiNotPi I did.

I also wonder if it varies depending on what cou try someone lives in, as some numbers are associated with luck depending on where you live.

No one picked 2 and 5, which @YARNLADY mentioned as tricky. And, many people spoke of the shape of the number, I had never though of a lucky or favorite number being about the shape.

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