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What are the best glow in the dark materials?

Asked by Ltryptophan (10280points) June 23rd, 2011

In particular what are the best of these categories: tape, paint, fabric/nylon material, chemicals(trijicon?/glowsticks), clothes?, shoes?, etc., etc., etc.


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Especially paint, tape, and fabric.

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Best is a little nebulous so I’ll tackle this from two specific angles, namely: 1) Shines Brightest for greatest distance and 2) Lasts longest

For the first it would be the glowsticks which are visible at great distance (in large crowds at concerts or rescue at sea) and also put out significant light for close up purposes (in a tent or around the campsite)

The obvious downside is they’re very time/limited. Usually just hours after activation.

For longest lasting I’d tend to go with tape since it doesn’t normally get washed as cloth and paint used on clothing typically do.

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@Buttonstc I concur. I am looking for sources to obtain these items, and specific products, in all of those categories.

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Glowsticks contain Cyalume. I’ve been told that the chemistry behind it is the same as what’s responsible for the firefly’s light.

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Tritium. Watch faces and glow in the dark gun sights are made with it.

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