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Racy swim attire for beach time fun; ignore them, run them off, or run away?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26783points) June 24th, 2011

You are going to a beach potluck with friends and acquaintances. Everyone brings some food, and gather to eat 15 minutes after the set arrival time then spend the afternoon with some fun, sand castle building contest, volleyball, etc. Mr. “L” shows up agitated, he says he just seen Ms “P” getting drinks at a quickie mart on the way when he stopped to get ice. Ms “P” is a young mother and was very young when she became a mother; she is 29yr and her daughter 13yr. She fancies herself still a party girl and still hot, she works out quite often and is quite toned and free spirit unashamed of her body as she raises her daughter also. Mr. “L” says “Hey, I just seen Ms “P” and her daughter “M” and she is wearing that (_looks similar to this) one-piece again, and her daughter is wearing that barely there bikini (looks similar to this) again, (expletive).”_

What do you do, ignore them, rob them of any attention they might gain, band with the disgruntled to make them feel unwelcomed until they changed or left, or make an excuse to beg off and leave yourself?

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I would tell the guy to stop complaining.

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We’re only thrown by clothing we’re not used to seeing. Get used to it.

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Tell Mr. L to get over it, they’re young women and they’re allowed to enjoy themselves.
If you didn’t expect to see women in bikinis, you shouldn’t have gone to the beach.

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None of the above. I would fall upon my knees and thank God for His infinite beneficence.

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It doesn’t matter to me what they wear and I wouldn’t ignore them.
I would however be alittle disappointed at Mr.L’s lack of a banana hammock.
He should cover up alittle. XD

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Something about judging a book by it’s cover here….. There’s always one whinging fucker in a group, I’d blank any comments from Mr. “L” & enjoy the rest of the day along with Ms. “P” & daughter “M” steering a wide path from Mr. ”L” ..... Fuck the disgruntled too, let them whinge & whine amongst themselves……. :-/

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Half the fun of going to the beach is seeing the outfits people wear. Nothing speaks louder about a persons personality than beach attire!

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It’s the beach, what did he expect? Be glad Ms P is still in shape; she could be one of those who was in shape ten years ago, but still wearing the same bathing suits!

Besides, now he has something to talk about on the ride home.

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meh, it’s a beach. People wear that sort of thing on the beach all the time. I don’t think a bikini like that is appropriate for a 13-year-old though.

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I wouldn’t care. As long as they’re not naked.

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What is Mr. L’s real problem, uncontrollable erection? I would definitely put on my dark sunglasses or else it’s non-stop girlfriend whacking on the back my head. But with regards to the 13 year old, depending on the personality of the guys with me and my familiarity to them I might suggest to her mother to get her daughter another bikini, based on what I’ve seen in that photo link.

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Inside, I’ll want to stare at them, and imagine vague activities with the mother. On top of that I’m going to want to not stare at them so as to not embarrass them or myself, since my wife would probably be there. So in the end, I’ll be annoyed that I have to keep not-looking, and I’ll probably want to take a walk down the beach with the wife so as not to have to deal with it.

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I’d say, “Oh yea??” & just get naked. “I WIN!” then stick my tongue out at them.

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It’s a beach party so I’ll keep my mouth shut even though I think the mother’s suit is inappropriate in the company of friends who might be uncomfortable trying not to look. The daughter’s skimpy bikini? I wouldn’t care as long as nipples and cooter are covered because again, I wouldn’t want to become uncomfortable trying not to be distracted while enjoying my friends’ company.

Their own backyard, who cares?

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Tell the dude to get over it, then treat them like nothings wrong . . . b/c to me, nothing is wrong.

It’s prude to be worried about it… It’s the beach, if nowhere else in . . . well anywhere . . . where can you feel free?! The beach, put on something skimpy to soak up as much sun as you can and not be dragged down by wet clothing… and if you work HARD on your body at the gym, why the heck not show it off?

+1 for @futurememory and +1000 for @wundayatta

Live and let live!

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sadly, as of AUgust 2014, links are dead.

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