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What questions made you think "I wish I had asked that" ?

Asked by PhiNotPi (12670points) June 24th, 2011

Has there ever been a time when another Jelly asked a question that you wish you had asked? If so, what question?

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Almost all of them, except the ones that inquire about pregnancies or “what’s wrong with me?”. I’m not comfortable asking anything other than the most mundane type of query, and I float in awe of those who craft brilliant, thought-provoking questions. I raise a tentacle in their honor. Hell, I’ll raise two in their honor.

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Probably this one for 183 GREAT QUESTION responses! However, had I asked, the outcome might have been very different indeed, so it happened just as it was supposed to!

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Here’s one:

What does green sound like?

And here’s another:

Why are there no green mammals?

Unfortunately they were not on Fluther. I hung out over at WikiAnswers for a time before I found this place. What a difference.

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The ironic thing about @Kayak8‘s choice is that you probably couldn’t ask that question today. Personal stuff is not allowed. In any case, that question doesn’t really count for me as an “I wish I had asked that” question. It’s more of one of those sentimental favorites than it is a question representative of what Fluther is about. You’d really have to be wanting to make a proposal to think that it was a question you wish you had asked. Is there something you want to tell us, Kayak?

I vaguely recall thinking one or two questions from long ago made me stop and think, ‘Wow!’ But I think it’s been a long time since I have had that feeling. I feel unAmerican in saying that. Or maybe unFlutherian.

Of course, I try to make my own questions thought-provoking and interesting, but lately, they don’t seem to be hitting that mark. They don’t seem to be attracting as many people to answer them as they used to. In any case, I probably like them better than others because they are about topics I am concerned with.

I suppose I’m a curmudgeon of sorts (a shearsman?), in being unable to pick out something that stands out. But life is not the same when played on the blue guitar. And I don’t know when anyone ever claimed that fluther was life. It’s really the blue guitar.

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nah…as long as somebody asks them, its all good

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