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Internet dating?

Asked by Tendrillar (52points) April 27th, 2008

I’m thinking of using the internet to start finding interesting people I’d like to date. What do you think? Has anyone had any success with this?

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You should approach it with an open mind, you never know. Also, don’t try the free ones, those are risky. I’ve never tried it.

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I met my husband on So, it worked for me. I have two friends that are in e-harmony relationships. It can work. I would like to suggest taking some basic safety precautions. Meet in a public place the first couple of dates,etc.

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I’m sure it can work – it has for many – but, beware that it is harder to read people without a voice or visual to go with it and you just never know who the people are or how honest or not they’re being.

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Never done it. My old boss, a male, used to do it and seemed to have some good experiences. It’s seems as though it will only get better as it grows in popularity/becomes more of the norm. I think if one can speak on the phone first and perhaps get an idea of what the person looks like, it will work all the better. A completely blind date scares the shit out of me.

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I’ve done it a few times. Haven’t found the Great Love yet, but have had fun. It’s definitely worth it and maybe you’ll hit the jackpot…

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the Internet works. I met my fiancée through myspace. She emailed me, curious about Denver and she lived in Washington state. Ever since that day havent missed talking to her even a day. If its ment to be it will work out.

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I think it is absolutely great for those that it worked out for. I have been married a long time, so I have not done it. The only thing I would be scared that the person is misrepresenting themselves to be a person that they are not.

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I chatted with a lady for 11 months before I met her in person. If she would had had an agenda to hide her true intentions, I would have found out. Actually she was more beautiful than the picture she showed me. Now, the reverse is also possible that she may show you a cute picture edited on photoshop, but in reality she is not what she looks like. Luckily I had a good experience in my case and I am still dating her. I met her on friendfinder.

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You might find this older thread on the same subject of interest too.

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I have done it and met my current bf online. Be prepared to deal with rejection… there are many people online and as interesting as you may find someone, the feeling might not be mutual. You can’t take it personally.

Also, spend some time exchanging emails and chatting with the person to get a better sense of their true character. Everyone portrays themselves as wonderful in their profiles, but there has to be a reason why they (and you) are single. So don’t exchange personal info until you have a sense of confidence in them.

My dating motto these past couple of years has been: High standards, low expectations… In other words, don’t expect too much, but don’t settle for less than you deserve. Good Luck!!

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my mama actually did that just to see who was on there and then she found some guy and hey have been going out for about 3 months! So it just depends on the person you meet on there and how they act.

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I tried it once and got the scare of my life. Im 59 and I know Im not a kid but this woman sent me a pic and she said she was 61. She loked 31. After 8 months of getting to know her I was really interested and when I finally met her she looked nothing like her pic. She sent me pics of her sisters daughter, she said if I knew what she looked like I wouldnt bother with her. She was ahd is right. Dont lie on the internet and send the right picture. Im turned off right now on it

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I met my husband on a free internet dating site, OKCupid . I paid for and met a lot of people. At least two of my ex-boyfriends met their wives there. I paid the most for and met the BIGGEST freaks there – like seriously whacked people.

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