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Can you integrate into facebook?

Asked by zaid (216points) April 28th, 2008

I’m not on facebook and am very reluctant to join. Ability to integrate into facebook however would be a point in favor of joining

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Yes you can. Here

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Yes, has their own official application for facebook. It’s pretty nifty.

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thanks. i googled and found that too. i’m still really reluctant to join…

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You have nothing to loose.

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@breefield, ‘cept my privacy.

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@zaid, the privacy settings on Facebook are quite impressive. Unless you’re concerned about Facebook having the info at all.

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maybe i’ll look into it further.

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Facebook dont host apps. ClickOnline (BBC UK) made an app to demo that it is possible to make an app that can extract private info if you are friends with friends who install the app!! other than that though the privacy options are much more mature than they were as far as controlling who see’s what. But its still very worrying considering the volume of users that have not even thought about the privacy concerns… works ok though :)

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