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Can you help me find a certain horror movie?

Asked by Berserker (33406points) July 2nd, 2011

I’ve been looking for this one horror movie forever, but the problem is, I obviously don’t know the title, and I only remember one specific scene. I saw this when I was little, but I was watching it on and off. Some scenes stayed in my head though, but I’ve never been able to find it again.
I don’t have much of a lead. I’m pretty sure the movie comes from the eighties.
The premise of the movie is a virus, or bacteria or something in drinking water. Those who drink the water turn into grotesque mutant versions of themselves who run around killing people. It occurs in a small community, I think our main characters live on a farm.
Two scenes I remember; one is an older brother who turned into a psycho, and he’s holding his little sister over his head. He’s about to throw her, but something happens which prevents this. I don’t remember what. I think he gets shot by some dude with a rifle. He’s also puking all this orange stuff.

The other scene is a man and his son arguing about whether or not to stay on the farm. One wants to leave, but the other wants to stay. The one who wants to take off has tin cans of water with him.

That’s all I got. Does it ring a bell to anyone at all? Thanks.

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It sounds a bit like Cabin Fever, but that was in 1995 :-/
Maybe you should try asking here ?
I’m gonna try and find it though.

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I was thinking Cabin Fever as well (@jailbait I thought that movie was in 2002).

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@PluckyDog oops, yes it was. I think he wrote it in 95.

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It could be The Curse. The movie you listed sounds familiar now I’m going crazy trying to find it. :P

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Yeah this movie’s idea sounds exactly like Cabin Fever, but not it isn’t that.
(I love Cabin Fever though)

The Curse might be it, I’d have to watch it to know. Either way, sounds cool lol. But this;

In this second adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft’s story “The Colour out of Space,” a huge, glowing meteorite falls on a farm in Tellico Plains, Tennesse. After the meteorite melts into the soil, strange mutations occur on the farm. The fruit and livestock become filled with maggots, cabbage and chickens become filled with green slime, and certain members of the farm family become swollen, slime-drooling mutants. Now two of the farmer’s children who wisely avoided the meteorite’s contamination seek outside help.

Sounds pretty much like what I described.

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Damnit it isn’t on YouTube lol.

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The Curse (1987) was a film adaptation of what you described so that could be it.

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