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Why did these multiple things just happen to my car?

Asked by Fred931 (9434points) July 7th, 2011

For the past few weeks, I’ve been using my 1990 Pontiac Grand Prix Turbo as my daily driver to and from work, 40 minutes one way. I’m starting to hear squeaks at low speed, and that combined with the car pulling to the right and me not braking at all when the squeaks occur make me think it is an alignment issue. That isn’t the problem ATM, but feel free to discuss it as well.

I got back in my car after going to my grandmother’s house for dinner, started it, and the rev’s went batshit crazy the moment I shifted into reverse. I turned it off, had my internal panic attack, opened the hood, and asked grandma to try and guess what was wrong. Another attempt to start, the rev’s went up, then down below normal idle, then it stalled. A couple more of those, and it stayed on, still confusedly trying to find a proper idle speed, until it normalized around 1k on my dash (which is absolute shit, it’s probably 200 less RPMs than it displays, all the gauges are “optimistic”), which is still less than normal.

I could give it gas and shift into drive and reverse, but I heard a weird noise when I slowed down on my way out of the subdivision. It was something like a sucking-liquid noise, I really don’t remember. I can’t get to the car because it’s in her subdivision and I’m not there right now to try and coax up those noises and upload them to Utube or something, so sorry.

Anything helps. The family’s about to take the other two cars up somewhere, so it isn’t terribly urgent, but this is still annoying because I won’t be driving myself to work tomorrow…

I need to get everything checked out on this car anyways, could anyone let me know where I could get a thorough mechanical inspection?

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I’m actually about to go ask the guys at because it is for my specific 89/90 Turbo model.

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@Fred931 Good luck! My front wheel drive out of the blue stopped working on our Chevy Trail Blazer 3 years ago and the dealer wanted over $800 to fix it…money I didn’t have. My now 15 yrd old did some research and found out that all that was needed was to re-set the computer module as in unplug it wait 30 seconds and plug it back in…and he did and it is working! WTH?!

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a sucking-liquid noise? Could that be a vaccum leak?

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When’s the last time you checked the levels and added oil or coolant? With the age of your car, have you ever done the basic recommended services for a car 75K and 90/100K? A car of that age should have radiator flushes, transmission flushes, timing belt (if no chain) replaced and constant vigilance on the fluid levels.

Most often when people hear a gurgling or rumbling and low whining at low speeds it’s because the poor car is bone dry.

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I agree. You should make sure you do all the oil changes and maintenance on any car you own.

This is an automatic right? Sometimes if your rpm gauge is up and down that means something to do with the power, so alternator or even as simple as your fuel filter could need to be changed. Could be the battery, even spark plugs. The rpm gauge gives you proof the engine is working so anything that provides power to the engine I would think could be the issue. So maybe it’s a wire it’s hard to diagnose from a PC :/
Good luck I hope it’s nothing expensive.

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Changed the oil ~500 miles ago, the coolant is fine, got a new filter, changed the auto transmission fluid and filter and gasket… I’m keeping on top of that. But I do need to change some other gaskets…

More browsing suggests the FPR is bad or the fuel injectors themselves are leaking. Like I said, I can’t check these things right now. So like what @filmfann said, I need to check that vacuum line.

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Have a garage do a compression check for leaks/cracks/warping to the manifold too.

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Vacuum leak for the sound. maybe throttle position sensor for the other symptoms of the revs going up.

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