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Can you write rap?

Asked by mazingerz88 (26101points) July 3rd, 2011

Just for fun, would you wanna say
Something special
To inspire, nothing dire
Teach a lesson, on earning a pension
Or say what you wanna say
Anything funny, sad or lonely
But be honest, be kind
Give love to the blind
Not too poetic, zero pathetic
Blow our minds, give it up
Would you write us a rap-?

( Das right Fluther, let me lick your butter, uhum… )

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@KatetheGreat and I are goin to start a white girl rap duo.

I was just telling her about a dream I had where I was at a club celebrating the release of my single “40 Ounce Booty Bounce”. I really wish I could remember how it went so I could share. :(

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@redfeather Bring it here first @redfeather… : )

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@mazingerz88 I’ll try to lucid dream myself back into that club and see how it goes haha

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Mazinger!!!!!!! lol

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No, but my brother can. And he’s dang good too. “Love is part of suffering. Just pain is all you kiss. You stand around just puckering, just pain will touch your lips.” (Hypocritical Love)

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Rap is crap
the bitch is back
she jumps yo sorry rap ass

gonna pop a cap in yo face
if you don’t
turn down that bass

Red light red light
yo bass makes me run a red light
to get outta your sight

run screamin’ in the night

red light red light
my cars levitating
my kidneys are vibrating
your bass is so grating
got me really, really hating

yo bass yo bass
get outta my face’

shove that bass
in a dark place

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Money, bitches, clubs, yo yo yo
I’ll shoot you in the face if you don’t go

I miss anything?

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Rap. There, that wasn’t so difficult now was it? ;¬}

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@FutureMemory money hoes and clothes is all this nigga knows….

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I’ve never written a rap to an original beat, but I do enjoy parodying songs by writing my own lyrics to fit the beat of an existing song. Here are my lyrics, written for a history project on William Penn, to the beat of the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme song. XD

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@mazingerz88 That was pretty slick lol.

Let’s see here…

One day I went out swimmin’,
Couldn’t hack all the mocking hucked my way, away I went, I was’aint gone stay!
Be damned I was, the water went up me shnoz, maybe I swam too far away, as I was up kickin.
Little girlie little boy were were fuckin’ away, didn’t hear my cries of distress as further I went up and stray’.
My mom took care of em later, but in the meanwhile I went to meet my maker!

I bust through doors I lop off heads, I kill some mores, no one safe in their beds.
I come back and I return, I won’t stop, not enough of you left to fill an urn, run bitch crash and burn, you’ll never return.
Crawl on all fours before my curse, call the feds, I’ll still fuckyup at all turns, I gots me some camp creds!
End of Chorus

I wore a bag I wore a mask, I’ve been to Hell and wore metal en masse,
I reap life with a lawnmower, I take it all with my trademaek machete or the classic knife, I’ll fuck yup with a replica of a naginata, muddafugga!
Bring me down I’ll come back up, low budget to super star dun matter, fuck, my blade is stuck, you ran outta luck!


You can’t end me, I just can’t die, jess when you think you saved the day, I’ll come back in another movie, and all I’ll slay!
I got style and I got class, I swore to Satan my soul for your ass, my revenge is eternal, my vengeance frightens the angels, I am forever, you’re dead forever.

…I put way too much work into this. I apologize.

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Hell yeahh, it’s epic to the bone
Loved your rap so much
Almost called you on the phone-!

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Thanks lol. :D

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Hahaha…very good! I know, I’m the old broad now, I like my rock-n-roll. ;-D

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I hate to be a wuss, but I listen to stuff like this before going to sleep…:)

The darkest nights, yall. :)

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