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Is it true that in california in order to have your permit you need to take the test at the dmv and also take 3 days of drivers training?

Asked by love408 (147points) April 29th, 2008


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according to the California DMV,

“Completion of a California Drivers Ed course is required prior to obtaining your learner’s permit, and ultimately receiving your Driver’s License.”

Doesn’t say how long it is, though…I bet you could find out if you look hard enough

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Also note there are restrictions on driving when you get your permit – no driving with a non-adult unless there is an adult in the car, no driving past curfew, no freeway driving (I think).

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To obtain your permit (from what I recall) you do have to take a test at the DMV. Then you’re required to have your permit for so many days, do so many hours of driving as well as a drivers training course before you can get your actual license.

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Also when a minor gets there license there are restrictions on the age of passengers that can ride with the minor as well.

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Just remember, Fluther and driving don’t mix!

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It is three days of driving after you get your permit. If you are 18 you do not need behind the wheel training, only the written and behind the wheel test. It is also not necessary to take a test for your permit, you need to take one semester of drivers ed in school and be the appropriate age. Good luck.

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