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If you read the New Yorker Mag., what do you think of this?

Asked by gailcalled (54644points) April 29th, 2008

Take a look at the exhortation at the bottom of p.85, April 28 issue. The sister (last one mentioned) is a college classmate of mine.

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I don’t have that issue handy, but I’m very curious to find out what it says. Anyone want to type it up?

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I’ll sent in on comment, Bob. I dont’ feel like being hammered here today. Wait for the beep. G

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Sorry Gail, the New Yorker mag barely exists in the Northwest! Would like to know what it says however.

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Cardinal-on its way in “comments.” I am on a listserv w. 1/3 of my college class…they are a smart and savvy and funny bunch and always find interesting tidbits. Not too many nibbles on fluther, I notice. Perhaps , perhaps, what?

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@Cardinal, we subscribe. You’re right, I can never
find it in the darn grocery store. Come on up to (down to?) Olympia
and share our copies.
@Gail: an activist to the end. Makes me want to earn big obituary space
and then do the same before the election. Oh no, wait, I want to vote too….

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@all; notice the number of responses to “favorite beer” or “what r u doing now?”? Note that very few people rushing to answer this.

@susan:The ladies who wrote the obit were grads. of Wellesley, of course…one in my class.

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Or the twenty busy and thoughtful people who just answered this

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(an obituary)
Rose Rothstein, of North Andover, MA, formerly of East Norwich, NY, March 1, 2008.
Widow of… Survived by…. five loving grandchildren; five great-grandchildren… and her sister. In her memory, please vote Democratic in November.

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It’s both touching and funny (mostly because it’s so unexpected). I like it, especially if it’s something that Rose Rothstein wanted or would have wanted.

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Bob: you can be sure that the entire family is in sync. G

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